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Pick a card, not just any card

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Honus Wagner was uncomfortable having his card sold with tobacco. And also in that ridiculously heavy wool uniform buttoned all the way up. (AP Photo)

Allow me a fleeting nostalgic moment. Every month I'd wait with great anticipation to pick up the latest edition of Beckett Baseball Card Monthly, the foremost authority on trading card value. Once I got my hot little hands on this Bible, I'd retire to my quarters and proceed to look up each and every card in my collection.

Most of my cards ranged in value from 10 cents to a dollar, but for a 10-year-old I kept meticulous records. These pieces of cardboard were my future. The big score that was going to pay for all my dreams. Alas, I lost interest, the market for run-of-the-mill complete sets plummeted like a Brandon Webb sinker and I left my entire collection buried underneath baseball equipment in the closet.

John Rogers, on the other hand, never grew out of his baseball card stage. The memorabilia collector dropped a cool $1.62 million for the holy grail of baseball cards: the 1909 Honus Wagner.

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i love u honus wagner and for socil studys i am pretending to be you i have always wanted to play baseball and you toght me to go after my dreams so thanks alot. LOVE YOU

I have 2 Honus Wagner cards from 1910 and would like to sell them but dont know where to sell them at.

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