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LL Cool J finally breaks his silence on the A-Rod-Madonna situation

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A-Rod.jpgWe all know the Yankees are struggling and might miss the postseason for the first time since Spike Owen was starting at shortstop. Last night, the Bronx Bombers lost to the Boston Red Sox in a game that featured an 0-for-5 performance from Alex Rodriguez. The well-compensated third baseman also left 7 men on base.

Naturally, 40-year-old rapper LL Cool J was on the set of "SportsCenter" this morning to analyze the situation. And he didn't disappoint.
"I think he's hanging out with Madonna," Cool J said. "The fact that he gets to, you know, he's knocking that down is wonderful and all. He's blowing them bubbles and all that, you know.

"She needs to you know, rub my man's traps or something before the game, you know? Rub his hamstrings, get his hamstrings loosed up or something."

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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Can somebody PLEASE translate any of that for me??
And what does "finally breaks his silence" mean?
I didnt know he had his finger on the pulse of this situation that is WEEKS old and over.
Can we PLEASE move on???? you know.

Kyle responds: I think it, you know, be in jest.

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