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Lindsay Lohan thinks Kyle Orton is super hot, knows how to dance

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Can't believe we missed this hot nugget of gossip, but apparently Lindsay Lohan enjoys the neck beard of one Kyle Orton. And apparently she isn't the only one. Lohan's "galpal" Samantha Ronson and Cindi Lauper concur.
Sun-Times columnist Bill Zwecker has all the hairy details.

" Also spied dancing with an attractive blonde at Crimson Lounge: new Bears quarterback Kyle Orton -- dubbed ''super-hot'' by Lohan, Ronson and Lauper, who all admired the NFL player's dance-floor moves."

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Not to abuse this track back feature but this link is broken. This is by far the greatest thing I have ever read so if you could fix it or just sight the original sorce I will be greatful till the day I die.

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