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LeBron James skips the formalities

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LeBron James and the rest of Team USA pal around with President Bush. (AP photo)

LeBron James is rapidly becoming our favorite athlete around here at Sports Pros(e). When he's not showcasing his freakish skills on the hardwood, he's navigating Facebook, hosting Saturday Night Live and floating the idea of playing in Europe for the right price. The almost-Akron Zip earns even more brownie points for his reaction to meeting the leader of the free world, George W. Bush.

"What's up, pops?" James inquired.

Because both Kevin and I make the league minimum, and are too busy with video games and girls, we've never had the chance to meet the president. But there's no way either of us could be half as cool as LeBron if presented the opportunity.

Oh yeah, James and his band of ballers delivered the hurt to Angola today.

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