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Imitation is the sincrest form of flattery

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I don't know about you, but growing up there was a ton of backyard Whiffle ball played in the backyard. The little brother and myself were pretty much obsessed with emulating our favorite major-leaguers. We'd pick a squad (usually he was the Tigers, I gravitated toward the Yankees) and alternate batting right and left-handed through their order.  That meant studying their stances until we could pull off flawless impressions when their spot came up. But our attempts pale in comparison to the incomparable Batting Stance guy.

An internet phenomenon, the ultra-observant BSG has seemingly devoted his life to perfecting the quirks and mannerisms of every player on every team since 1980. Without further ado, here's a sampling of his work:

White Sox


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Mickey Tettleton was probably my favorite. Quirky stance + 59 feet to the right field wall = a good time.

Remember when Travis Fryman hit that homerun off the pitch that bounced six feet in front of the plate? Or when Lou Whitaker got run over by the dog while rounding third base?

Kyle responds: Fryman had no business swinging at that pitch.

I'm with you. this guy is hilarious!

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