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Drew Henson spoken about in the present tense

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The others Wordsworth around these parts is always looking on the sunny side of life when it comes to his favored NFL franchise. With that wide-eyed (but grossly misplaced) optimism in tow, I'll try to apply the same upbeat response to the Detroit Lions signing Drew Henson. But it won't be easy.

Now, back where I come from, Drew Henson is a pretty big deal. He holds the state record for home runs, won state titles in football and platooned with one Tom Brady while at the University of Michigan. He seemingly had a bright future in football. He seemingly had a bright future in baseball.

It didn't work out so well.

In his one NFL start he was replaced by Vinny Testaverde. His lifetime hit total in the majors is one.

This is his last chance. If it were the movies, he'd come in and go 12-for-13 with 230 yards and 3 TD against the Browns today. But he won't. This isn't the movies. This is the real world, were a seemingly bright future can dim just as quick as you can say "Tony Romo" or "Kurt Warner".

See, for every rags-to-riches, against-all-odds story out there there's a story of unmet potential, disappointing underachieving and things not shaping out like they were supposed to. Drew Henson's journey is just that.

In the pantheon of sadness, a multi-million dollar bust is nowhere near the 'pull at the heartstrings' section, but it's a part of sports we don't hear enough about. Seems guys like Henson toil in obscurity after falling out of the public spotlight, emerging only long enough to become the answer of a trivia question.

Unless of course they find a team as desperate at the Lions.

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