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Chris Williams just made Bears Brightside Volume 5 harder to write

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(Scott Stewart/Sun-Times)

Chris Williams, the Bears first-round pick from Vanderbilt, said today that the Bears knew he had some back problems before they selected him.This isn't huge news -- every other NFL team was privy to this information -- but the bigger issue is that the Bears are doing their best Kevin Allen impression.
The organization was adamant that Williams was not damaged goods when he was drafted and that the injury was a new one. For two weeks, the company line in camp was that he was suffering from back spasms. It took a while to get to the root of the problem. The Bears have been embarrassed to the point that they have been doing spin control since and worked over every house organ they could find.

Is the other proprietor of this casual sports forum hoping to parlay the gig into a position in the Bears' PR department? He might fit right in.

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Are the Bears hiring? Do you have information I should know about? Someone -- anyone -- put in a good word for me.

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