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Another Shameless 'Top Ten' Plug

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78205274.jpgIt's true that wunderkind Ricky O'Donnell knows a thing or ten about the world of sport. This has never been more than in his recent post, "Top Ten Reasons Why NCAA Football is Better Than the NFL." The post includes a shout out to the University of Missouri's own QB/Savior/Legend/Broseph extraordinaire Chase Daniel.

Now, I'm certain that O'Donnell didn't know that this avid 'Top Ten' reader is an alumnus and rabid fan of the oldest university west of the Mississippi River -- the very institution where Daniel is the most famous business major since Sam Walton.

O'Donnell hits on all of the Chase Daniel highlights -- the nose picking YouTube incident, the comparatively small stature, the ridiculous stats -- but he fails to mention Daniel's most endearing trait: The skull cap.

Is it retro? Is it futuristic? Is it just plain practical? Who cares. It's ice-cold cool. The word 'unabashed' comes to mind in his donning of perhaps the greatest accessory on-field fashion has ever spawned.

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Uh I didn't write that, Zach Martin did. And the NFL is waaaay better than college ball. Thanks for the kind words though.

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