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All together now: "Dong Dong Diki Diki Dong"

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trampoline.jpgThe finals for the men's trampoline competition will take place Tuesday. Dong Dong will be there ... will you? (AP Photo)

Chinese trampoline virtuosos Lu Chunlong and Dong Dong have bounded like a pair of overzealous gummi bears into the finals of the men's Olympic trampoline event.

This is great news for Dutch rockers Golden Earring.

In 1968, around the time that Tommie Smith and John Carlos were thrusting gloved fists into the air while standing atop a Mexico City medal podium, the catchty Golden Earring ditty, "Dong Dong Diki Diki Dong" was injecting itself into the collective zeitgeist.

So this means that anyone doing a search on YouTube for "Dong Dong" will not find video of Chinese trampoline virtuosity, but rather a video featuring four femme dudes sporting some quintessential late-60s garb and singing gibberish.

Now, for those of you wondering where Golden Earring absconded to, you'll be happy to know that the four ageless lads from The Hague never actually left. In fact, giving the Rolling Stones a run for their (endless supply of) money, Golden Earring has managed to continue touring for nearly 50 years, maintaining virtually the same lineup since 1970.

And so, for the sake of legendary Dutch rockers everywhere, let us cross our collective fingers, and hope that Dong Dong can bounce bounce his way to glory. If he needs some tunes to help him get into the zone, Sports Pros(e) offers the following:

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