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Mike Williams on very windy road to Canton

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Mike Williams isn't exactly following through on the potential he showcased at USC.

As a long-suffering Detroit Lions supporter, I was excited when the hapless franchise continued their trend of drafting wide receivers with the selection of Mike Williams in the 2005 draft. I was certain that he would show the same brilliance he displayed in the 2003 season -- even after sitting out the 2004 campaign after unsuccessfully petitioning the NFL to let him enter the draft early.

Like excited school children, my roommates and I navigated away from our Draft Tracker and found The site featured a flash intro that -- two minutes into his NFL career mind you -- claimed he was going to be a future Hall-of-Famer. It's safe to say he isn't exactly on the fast track to Canton after being released by the Tennessee Titans this afternoon.

Oh, yeah. looks a little different these days.

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Good Lord, was he on the Shawn Kemp training program? I wouldn't put it past Matt Millen to invite him back to the team as a noseguard and then claim it was all part of his "Master Plan."

Kyle responds: Restore the snore.

As we say in Michigan: "A Championship? Not this MILLENium!"

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