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Can we please just leave Erin Andrews alone?

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Erin Andrews is Google Image Search juggernaut.

Breaking news: Erin Andrews is hot. She's a beautiful, buxom blond. She has amazing legs and a million-dollar smile. We get it. Is there any way though that we can just move on from that undeniable fact?

Andrews has been on the sidelines for ESPN since 2004, but sportswriters, bloggers and average fans alike just can't seem to get used to the fact that she's an attractive woman.
It seems like every time she covers something, there is an obligatory post about how great she looked, how she is merely just eye candy or... worse.

Last night, when covering the Cubs' victory over the Brewers, Mrs. Andrews unwittingly became the subject of a column in the Peoria Journal Star written by Mike Nadel. Nadel says in so many words that ESPN's First Lady was getting a little too friendly with Cub players in the clubhouse and that her outfit was a little too suggestive. The Sun-Times' Gordon Wittenmyer documented the wardrobe and posted the evidence here.

It strikes me as odd that after four years of Andrews patrolling the sidelines, this material is still considered fresh, cutting-edge and newsworthy. Let's remember that we're talking about an extremely high-profile member of the media here and not the local weather girl. Every sports fan should be acquainted with her work by now. Maybe it's time for ballplayers and sportswriters and bloggers to get acclimated to the fact that she's here to stay, she's easy on the eyes and (sorry guys) she's way out of your league.

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I was catching up with Erin before the game and she is some kinda' smokin' hot, partner. I'm talkin' s-m-o-o-o-o-o-k-i-n kinda' hot.

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Isn't she really average? I mean really average. I know the US is filled with overweight women and people but she isn't a stunner.
Give the girl a break

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What is wrong with our country?!? A person can not even do her or his jobs without being hounded to death by reporters and others.

Ron L

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