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Affordable denim that still has that luxurious, designer feel? We've heard that before.

Plenty of companies have claimed such a feat. And now Web-based company Alias Premium Denim has launched the Sweet Dee, a pair of dark-washed, soft-woven denim for a mere $40. Did they live up to their claim? I enlisted my denim-loving co-worker Lori Rackl to give the jeans a test drive, and here's what she had to say:

By Lori Rackl
I'm guilty of dropping well over $100 on premium denim from companies whose
names sound like non-profits, i.e. Citizens of Humanity and 7 for All
Mankind. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the softness of the denim, the
form-fitting cut of the jeans and way they look a little worn in just the
right places.

But the economy has tanked, so it's time to start looking for affordable
alternatives. Alias premium denim, at $40 a pair, is a way to downsize your
denim spending without sacrificing too much in the style/comfort department.

Alias' jeans are like a cross between Levi's and the Big Boys like 7 for All
Mankind. They feel a little sturdier -- not necessarily in a good way -- than
pricey premium denim, but they still have that luxury feel. In other words,
these aren't the jeans you throw on to dig up dandelions in the garden.

My biggest complaint is that the button hole seems too small for the button,
so getting them on or off can be a tad frustrating. But hey, in this
economy, I'll put up with the hassle if it means saving some money.

Size chart
Alias fits sizes 0 to 12. Here's how their sizes break down: 26 (0-2); 28 (4-6); 30 (8-10); 32 (12).

Win a free pair
Alias is working on the design of their second style (Sweet Dee is the only style offered right now). Sign up here to be one of the first to try them out by winning a free pair!

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