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Taking a bite out of 'True Blood' red carpet fashion

Could this be the best-looking cast of any show on TV right now?

The stars of HBO's "True Blood" donned their finest Tuesday night at the L.A. premiere of the show's fourth season. And everyone -- well, almost everyone (I'm looking at you, Brandon Routh) -- looked amazing. Here's a look at some of the highlights. Let me know who you like and who you don't:

true 6.jpg
It's entirely possible this blog post is just an excuse to run photo of Alexander Skarsgard. The man can't really look bad, let's be honest, but he looks especially yummy in this dark blue suit, accented beautifully with a plaid shirt and soft, quilted tie. Matt Sayles~AP

true 2.jpg
Anna Paquin and husband Stephen Moyer shared the red carpet together. Paquin's black dress fits her perfectly, but I'm wondering what sort of superpower she's trying to activate with that gaudy purple bit in the middle. Perhaps the power to go back in time and wear a better dress. Matt Sayles~AP

true 1.jpg
Rutina Wesley wore my favorite outfit of the evening, a too-cute Farah Khan Alanna babydoll dress. Or maybe I'm just happy to see her smiling -- and not being tortured. Toby Canham~Getty Images

true 3.jpg
I don't really want to like this, for some reason, but I do. Evan Rachel Wood looks surprisingly feminine and cute in this menswear-inspired outfit. She accented with blood-red suspenders, and her short hair -- though styled a bit like the top of a cupcake? -- looks perfect on her. Toby Canham~Getty Images

true 7.jpg

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