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Kristen Stewart a style icon? Hardly -- but this jacket is pretty cute

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I never thought I'd tell anyone how to get Kristen Stewart's look, but I kind of like this royal blue Alpinestars by Denise Focil GT Jacket she wore Thursday to the after party of the New York City premiere of "New Moon."

The jacket retails for $145, and you can find it at Choppy hair, fidgeting, and bad attitude sold separately.

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Kristen Stewart WILL be a style icon, because she creates her own personal style.

Her style is not dictated by the fashion police.

She deserves a little slack. All "celebrities" do, don't you think? Kristen has openly stated how little she enjoys crowds and how private a person she is. Unlike most in the 'lime light' she isn't looking to be like everybody else. Her style isn't going to fall into line with yours, or most anyones. She doesn't pay attention to what the rest of the world is doing, and that's what makes her pretty cool.

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