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Robert, Penelope, Brangelina and more: One last Cannes red carpet roundup

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Over the last two weeks, I've posted several red carpet photos from the 62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival.

I asked for your opinions on star's looks, and you didn't let me down. (See Cannes Red Carpet Fashion and More Cannes Fashion.) You loved the red carpet looks of Evangeline Lilly, Elizabeth Banks and Aishwarya Rai, though one reader felt Rai is overrated and said, "she looks like she wrapped toilet paper around her and called it fashion." Ouch.

Here's one last installment (the festival ended earlier this week). Actresses continued to go a little bolder, edgier for this film festival. And it also seems like someone sent out a "wear black and white" memo.

As always, let me know what you think:

cannes robert.jpg
Oh Edward. Your alter ego, British actor Robert Pattinson, dressed you in a slimming black tux for the "Inglourious Basterds" premiere, which is all very well and good. But I prefer your more relaxed, fitted blue military-inspired jackets and shirts.

cannes brangelina.jpg
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the red carpet for Pitt's film "Inglourious Basterds," directed by Quentin Tarentino. Jolie in stunning dress with a wrapped bodice that's been popular at the festival this year (see Penelope Cruz's dress below).

cannes penelope.jpg
Penelope Cruz channels her inner Disney princess at the screening of her film "Broken Embraces," directed by Pedro Almodovar.

cannes kerry.jpg
Lace and sheer ruffle alert! Kerry Washington on the red carpet for the screening of "Face." I'm not sure if I love this or hate it, but either way, she's quite stunning.

cannes diane.jpg
German actress Diane Kruger, at Cannes to support her film "Inglourious Basterds," looks prim and proper with boyfriend Joshua Jackson on the red carpet for the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS benefit. (Kruger was just added to my good friend's Top 5 Celebrity Crush list. Though she's quite lovely, I'm not sure she'd be on MY female celebrity crush list. What do you guys think?)

cannes alison.jpg
Alison Lohman sports my third-grade side ponytail at the screening for her film "Drag Me to Hell."

PARIS TWO WAYS: We finish up with Paris Hilton, who popped up in a different gown, at a different party, almost every night of the festival (I counted almost 10 dresses). She seemed to give herself a metallic, space age theme. Here are two highlights (from left): Looking like Christmas wrapping at the Hollywood Domino party; Sporting a space-meets-bondage look at the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS benefit.

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Hilarious first line about Edward, oops, I mean Robert Pattinson, hahaha!

first of all...Aishwarya is one of the finest indian actresses ever, she has style, grace, talent and guts to always face the kind of ridicule from idiots like you. She is india's top top actress who's actually way more professional than some of the idiot actresses from the West. Everything she wears looks fantastic, yes even if its toilet paper as you so aptly put it...she makes everything, and everyong look better..just because its Aishwarya, the most respected actress in cinema today.

Anybody having even small fashion sense will not say Aishwarya Rai is draped in Toilet-Paper..
they were beautiful Cavalli gowns,which were made more beautiful by Rai...
I feel she was the best dressed celebrity in Cannes..
It is only that she takes chances and makes attempts to be refreshing..
Jolie and Cruz dissappointed me..
But Aishwarya Rai rocked the red-carpet..
and that's the reason she's being criticized..

Here comes Ash fans..She is not the most respected actress..I am an indian and there are so many talented actresses there in India. Ash hardly acts well. But she looked good at cannes. But about the overrating thing, its absolutely right. She is way too over-rated for beauty and has no acting skills.

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