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More Cannes red carpet fashion -- let me know what you think!

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Last week on opening night of the 62nd International Cannes Film Festival, I posted a few red carpet photos, and you had lots to say. Everyone seemed to be in agreement that Indian actress Aishwarya Rai (who Roger Ebert once referred to in a review as the "most beautiful woman in the world"), was by far the best-dressed. One reader thanked Italian actress Asia Argento for wearing her sofa to Cannes.

Here are few more red carpet photos from today and over the weekend. Let me know whose dress you like and whose you don't like. Or if you just feel like some Monday afternoon cattiness, I'll take those comments too:

cannes hilary.jpg
Is the Pritzker Pavilion missing one of its parts?: Hilary Swank is beautiful in this sculptural, shale-colored dress at the screening of "Looking for Eric" today at Cannes. Courtesy of AP

cannes jenny.jpg
Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy pose at a photo call for the film "A Christmas Carol" today at Cannes. Courtesy of AP

cannes rachel.jpg
Rachel Weisz looking elegant and showing a little leg in a green strapless ballgown at the premiere of her film "Agora" Sunday at Cannes. Courtesy of AP

cannes lilly new.jpg
"Lost" actress Evangeline Lilly showed a little more skin than she usually does at the "Vengeance" premiere Sunday at Cannes. Courtesy of AP

cannes eva new.jpg
Out of the NBA playoffs and with some time on his hands, San Antonio Spurs player Tony Parker accompanied his wife Eva Longoria to the "Bright Star" premiere Friday at Cannes. Courtesy of AP

cannes cornish new.jpg
Abbie Cornish, who's been photographed all weekend in France with boyfriend Ryan Phillipe, wasn't afraid of layers and ruffles at the screening of her film "Bright Star" Friday at Cannes. Courtesy of AP

cannes banks new1.jpg
On her third red carpet at Cannes this year, Elizabeth Banks appears to be channeling Katherine Hepburn at the "Spring Fever" screening Thursday. Courtesy of AP

France Cannes Spring Fever .jpg
Is a credit on one episode of "The X Files" enough to get you into Cannes?: American "actress" Phoebe Price, who doesn't seem to be famous for anything except figuring out how to get on red carpets, is wearing an exact replica of one of my jazz recital outfits from second grade. I think she's even performing one of my moves. Courtesy of AP

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Evangeline Lilly dazzles me! She's stunning and very classy.
She's definitely the best looking one in the Cannes Festival,

....None of these dresses excite me. Ashwari Rai is beautiful,but her good looks are a little boring at this point. Rachel Weitz looks good, but....I'm just waiting to see the beautiful and EXCITING Angelina Jolie! Now that's a woman with beauty, brains, and GUTS...who knows how to christen the red carpet! Cant wait to see her!

I am a hard-core follower of fashion and I love the way Angelina looks in any dress.

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