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Famous movie umbrellas and where to find them

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The umbrella has been an important accessory in the movies. Characters have used one to dance, fly, kill people and more. After a quick poll around the office to find co-workers' favorite movie/umbrella moments, here are a few noteworthy umbrellas, and I'll show you where to find ones just like them. (And click here for my column today on new umbrella fashion!)

stick umbrella.jpg

The umbrella: The classic black stick umbrella (or cane umbrella, as some say)

How it's used: One as a dance prop; the other as a deadly weapon, whether using it to fire bullets or spray deadly gas!

One like it: Totes offers one for $16 (shown above). Comes in other colors if you want to be rebellious.


The umbrella: Clear umbrella

How it's used: For Scarlett Johansson to walk around looking effortlessly chic in Tokyo (can you tell I have a girl crush on her?).

One like it: The Clear Bubble umbrella, $18 at Urban Outfitters.


The umbrella: Several stick umbrellas, in every color including red, pink, blue and yellow.

How it's used: A young Catherine Deneuve was surrounded by umbrellas as she worked in her mother's umbrella shop.

One like it: The Totes Stick Umbrella in crimson, $12.99 at Target.

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