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Since I have 11 nieces and nephews -- and girlfriends who keep popping out more and more babies -- I'm always on the lookout for cute and original clothes that don't cost a fortune. So I'm loving Target's new line of clothes for boys designed by skateboarder Shaun White. The T-shirts, woven shirts, hoodies and denim (in sizes XS to XL) are clothes that Wicker Park hipsters would be jealous of. Here are a few of the highlights:

I think this model looks like the drummer from Bloc Party. But anyway, this graphic fleece hoodie is $17.99; graphic tee is $9.99; shorts in black are $17.99.

maroon tee.jpg
Fleece hoodie in camo print is $17.99; graphic tee is $9.99; straight-fit jeans in black are $19.99.

graphic tee.jpg
Graphic tee is $9.99; straight-fit jeans in indigo are $19.99.

Who wants to mingle and find new clothes for fall? These two shopping events sound perfect for a girls' night out:

Summer sales make me giddy. And last weekend I was pleasantly surprised to see racks are still packed with marked-down spring and summer clothes (I paid $62 for a designer skirt that was originally $262). Here's where to find a few great sales in Chicago:

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