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Macy's Flea Market

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Today's shopping pages include an item about the Macy's Flea Market, an annual bazaar featuring items scoured from flea markets across Europe and sold at the State Street store. Tomorrow they introduce vintage handbags and jewelry.

Here are some examples of items that will be sold:

Vintage handbags and wallets:
Gucci stripe black leather weekender bag, $1,880
Gucci wallet in original box, $350.
Lucite beaded bag, c. 1970, France, $175

WWI French military sweetheart brooches, $18: These vintage brooches were all crafted in France during World War I, and given by French soldiers to their girlfriends and wives.

Antique Victorian mourning jewelry: Beaded necklaces of varying lengths, each priced at $107, c. 1870, or a large black cameo pendant, $86.

Antique cameo brooch, c. 1890, England, $75

Vintage Hermes scarves, Paris, $300

Antique mens' pocket watches from Barcelona, all priced at $225, c. 1900.

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