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"No colleagues knew my mission, and some of them froze there in seeing me approach. Some were even screaming for being scared."

That's what 25-year-old Wang Kang tells London's The Daily Mail of the reaction from his co-workers when he walked into the office in a full replica of the MK I suit from 2008's Marvel Comic blockbuster "Iron Man."

And you thought you were cool wearing flip flops for casual Friday.

Wang, a Shanghai, China, telecom company employee, spent about three months and $450 constructing the MK I suit, which weighs in at 110 lbs. His next project? To perfect the craft and get the foam and rubber build down in weight so he can work on a MK II suit replica of course.

Aside from fighting supervillians in his mind while trying to type in the beast of a suit, there apparently is a benefit most people might not immediately assume - the chicks dig it.

"They said I am a happy and creative man, and they wanted to know me," he said of the apparently hard-to-please dating pool in Shanghai.

Good luck with that, Wang.


Perhaps if it hadn't happened on a Friday, this sad tale wouldn't have come to pass.

As Rebecca Wells toiled on a risk analysis audit, she apparently passed away at her desk. Unfortunately, nobody noticed her body until the next day.

Co-workers described her as tireless. Always "working, working, working." Clearly so hard that none of those cube farm co-workers noticed she may not have been breathing when they left work.

While the Los Angeles County Coroner investigates the cause of death of the 51-year-old, one thing is clear: you may just be lucky if not noticing how hard you work is the only thing that escapes your officemates' eyes.

WARNING: If you've never watched cable TV, there may be some offensive language - or beats - in this video.

Mel Gibson was chatting with WGN entertainment reporter Dean Richards the other day when he decided that "Edge of Darkness" was an abt description for the probing questioner he was made to endure.

So, after a bunch of "dudes" and a quick gulp of Starbucks, the actor known for flowing locks, epic productions and a whole raft of crazy in recent years snapped off an errant "asshole" on a hot mic. Hardly the first time it's happened to a reporter, but seldom do you get a dance mix from cursing a scribe.

But this is the YouTube age and nothing goes by for more than a day or two without being remixed. The Internet, as always, making our lives richer.

Or you can watch the original here and make your own version of the mix.

Some amazing footage, captured by a security camera on the Mustek building in Midrand, South Africa. But can you imagine what must have been going through the drivers' head as apparent Hellfire rained down, only to blink out in seconds?

Not to worry, though, it was merely the relatively harmless Geminids meteor shower bringing about 100 space rocks down per hour on the bottom of the Earth.

Sadly, the only thing Chicago security cameras ever capture is cops beating up petite Polish bartenders and red light offenders.

Very cool - unless you were in one of those cars.

Via @dimity123

Ever trip down the aisles of Costco while the forklift is beep-beeping its way around and wonder: "What would happen if one of those huge bundles of toilet paper came crashing down?"

Well, here's your answer. Except it's two rows of Russian vodka and $250,000 of the Motherland's finest down the drain. It should be pointed out that nobody was seriously injured in this epic mess - until the Russian mob got hold the unlucky driver, anyway - so you can feel free to rewind, rewatch and giggle to your heart's content.

This is not to make light of the plight of cabbies, apparently an endangered class of worker on our mean streets. Rather, it's to revel in the lunacy that is street stew of New York, made that much more piquant with the addition of some spicy cab drivers and fiery pedi-cab bikers.

While the New York media types were hanging outside the Ed Sullivan studio looking to grab some David Letterman stories, they managed to catch this seen of life on the bike-vs.-car streets, complete with beverage throwing, a fist fight/wrestling match, a thrown metal trash can and a not-so-fast get-away.

When all is said and done, it's probably more shocking not only that this doesn't happen more often, but that this hasn't been caught on video before. Of course, New York has had its issues recently with cyclist smackdowns, but that was a cop and Critical Mass, so no huge shock there. No word on whether there are any leads on the escaped biker - or whether they've got that beat-down officer looking for him.

Yet more indication that the Internet is proof of the duality of man - our ability to be brilliant and moronic at the same time.

Case in point: The Shoot Paul Cam. It's a site that allows you, via live, streaming video, to blast away with paintballs at this guy, Paul Jackson, as he lives a "normal" life, 24/7 in front of a camera.

In a room filled with exploded paintballs.

And strangers trying to shoot him.


Sounds a bit loopy on both the shooter and target's part, right? But like the site advertises, "you have nothing better to do..."

The creator says he's offering a way for you to get some stress out at work to keep you from taking aim at your fellow cube dwellers. It's just meant as a bit of fun to break up the day that also serves as an essential tool for ensuring workplace safety.

Like a crack dealer, he doles out a couple free shots to start, but then have to pay for more trigger time and options like rapid fire once you're sucked in. And that's the brilliant part. He's turned being essentially a live video game character into gainful employment.

So who is this Paul guy and why is he choosing to have complete strangers blast away at him several hundred times a day? Let's find out, in a lightly edited interview, after the jump ...


If you're reading this right now ... stop. Especially if you're at work.

Close up the laptop. Turn off the Blackberry or iPhone. Spin around in your chair and creep quietly to the exit.

It's officially National Leave the Office Early Day, but why confine a good hooky excuse to the cube farm dwellers. And if you've gotten this far, you're missing it.

What, don't think you can get by Lumberg on the way to the door? Gotcha covered. Just use this handy excuse generator, no, Epstein's Mom is not involved, and find an excuse that works for you.

Not get gone, people. Just don't tell the boss it was our idea. Or do tell, we may not be here in a few minutes, anyway.

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