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A cast of millions. Boxes of Kleenex. Josh Groban. Four hours of raw emotion and dramatic buildup.

Yep, Oprah must have been taping her final shows after 25 years of ruling the daytime airwaves, book clubs and your soul.

Couldn't be there? Can't watch? You're in luck. A bevy of Sun-Times reporters was on hand to witness the festivities and tweeted about the whole, two-show taping extravaganza. So grab a green tea, your favorite exfoliant and some paint swatches and pick through the night that was Oprahmageddon at the United Center.

We're combing through the tidbits leading up to the latest royal coupling - so you don't have to. Make sure to check back in often for updates on Wills and Kate as they make their way toward Westminster Abbey.

May God have mercy on our souls ...


Charlie Sheen has had an interesting few days. And while you may not be able to handle the drug that is Charlie Sheen, there's no escaping it, either.

Now he's dealing his favorite drug in 140 characters to the masses on Twitter. And befitting his preferred lifestyle, he's doing faster than anyone else.

Screen shot 2011-03-02 at 8.21.05 PM.png

Sheen started sharing his knowledge on the microblogging site on march 1. A little more than 24 hours later he had blown past 1 million followers behind 21 updates, rich with pictures of himself, hot dogs, sports memorabilia and hashtags almost cheering #winning! and #tigerblood - both of which were among Twitter's highest trending topics or search terms Wednesday.

The embattled "Two And A Half Men" star says he's there to talk to his fans and welcomes questions and comments. He also offers personal updates along these lines:

My sons' are fine... My path is now clear... Defeat is not an option..!

To put the explosive growth in perspective, it wasn't in 2009 that Twitter even saw it's first million-follower accounts after CNN and Aston Kutcher duked it out in a race to the top - about 2 years after Twitter became a public platform.

When Oprah jumped onto Twitter in April 2009 to much anticipation, it took her about a week to pick up 1 million followers.

Maybe Oprah could use a little tigerblood in her life to pick up the popularity. Then again, let's not get too crazy.

Screen shot 2011-03-02 at 6.18.24 PM.png

UPDATE: The Guinness World Records folks confirmed that Sheen had shattered the previous record to 1 million followers on Twitter. It took him 25 hours and 17 minutes between March 1 and 2, Guinness confirmed Thursday.

Week in WTF?!

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By which we mean, of course, "Wow, that's fascinating!" Because during the last few days -- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday -- what tom-foolery has taken place out on the Interwebs. Here's a look at the things that have caused us to say, "Whee! That's funny!"

Coo-Coo for Sponge Bob

Watch as these kids go absolutely bonkers over a Sponge Bob straw. I wish I could muster up half this much enthusiasm for anything in life.

Ricky Gervais' secret past as an '80's pop star

How is this only surfacing now? Am I the last one to find this out? Does this mean David Bowie has just been Gervais in disguise punking us this whole time? So many questions! My mind has officially been blown.

So if you are what you eat...

Then this woman will probably turn into a couch any day now. The show says she is addicted to eating couch cushions and has eaten seven couches and two chairs in her lifetime. Seven couches!? This makes my addiction to bacon suddenly seem healthy.

Terrified of pickles and mustard

So while one woman eats couches, this woman runs away from mustard. While you can't help but wonder what caused these women to have these fears, what I really want to know is how long it took them to squeeze all that mustard onto that plate.



You have no idea how long I have been wanting to make a Rahm/Ramen pun headline. Whoever made this Rahmen Emanuel website is my personal hero.

It's well-documented that Kanye West provides some of the best content that Twitter has to offer.

Now, when you add the music of Josh Groban, like Jimmy Kimmel Live did, well, Kanye's tweets get even better.

Are you on the naughty list? Expecting coal this year? License plate read HUMBUG? Don't trust the Defense Department?

Then this is not for you.

It's time again for NORAD and Google to tema up to tell us exactly where Santa is in his delivery cycle. No, they're not tracking him with Patriot Missiles. It's a service for the parents of the world to convince the kids to get to sleep before the Big Guy shows up in town.

Google has an iGadget available to watch the Jolly Old Elf and crew as they jet around the world at 650 feet per second.

You can also follow the trip on Twitter and via Google Maps Mobile - search for Santa.

Space View.jpg

Go ahead and gripe about it, but you know you totally want to check in to this exclusive club.

checkin.jpgIf you happen to be one of those lifecasting-obsessed souls who checks in regularly on Foursquare, the geo-locational microbloging service, then you probably have unlocked your share of badges.

Crunked. On a boat. Flash mob. And the like. But no matter how many PBRs you toss back or how many nights you go out in a row, you'll never be better than Douglas Wheelock.

See, he's an astronaut and Friday morning he unlocked the NASA Explorer badge - good for a free scoop of free astronaut ice cream - when he checked in 220 miles above the surface of the Earth at the International space station as commander of Expedition 25.

There are those that decry Foursquare, Gowalla, Twitter, etc. as stupid wastes of time. Oversharing of mundane garbage nobody but you and your narcissistic self cares about. Maybe, maybe not. But when you can boast about going 17,500 miles an hour on an orbital platform that not many more Americans will see for a while, you can use whatever platform you want to brag.

But remember, Doug, you will never get to be mayor without cheating.

Hat tip to ValleyWag.


Kanye West just can't win.

The thought-filter challenged Chicago rapper/producer/gadfly/awards show menace is finishing work on his fifth studio album in six years - "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". Normally a cause for celebration. But hold on, controversy has a habit of following West around.

Late Sunday afternoon he tweeted that his album art had been nixed by the nefarious "they":

Yoooo they banned my album cover!!!!! Ima tweet it in a few...

Side note: If you aren't following Kanye on Twitter, get on it now. He might be the best thing going in the microblogisphere.

But the days of keeping things under wraps are long behind us and, as promised, Kanye delivered the album art seen to the right via his Twitter stream. You may not be able to buy it anywhere, but there it is for free via TwitPic.

Banned in the USA!!! They tried to play me fam! They don't want me chilling on the couch with my phoenix!

Now, this being Kanye, who knows if it's the real album cover he had planned. But, as always, it does make for a fun moment in the spotlight.

He went on on Twitter to criticize the "they" - he's yet to elaborate - and the history of nudity on album covers.

In the 70s album covers had actual nudity... It's so funny that people forget that... Everything has been so commercialized now.

And there's this thought as his stream of consciousness continued:

I know that cover just blew yall minds ... I wish yall could see how hard I'm smiling right now!!!

More likely to come.

UPDATE: West continued to rap up on Twitter, defending the art direction and his artistic vision in regard perceived appropriateness:

In all honesty ... I really don't be thinking about Wal-Mart when I make my music or album covers #Kanyeshrug!

I wanna sell albums but not at the expense of my true creativity.

Picture 3.png

Here's something to chew on, political wonks. President Obama may just be magical afterall.

Or at least his chewing gum is.

In the great tradition of the Reggie Bar, but likely without any of those messy licensing payments to deal with, the president's face has found its way onto chewing gum packaging from a company called Kenafric, documented by tweeting traveler Mara Abrams in Tanzania and the subject of some discussion on BoingBoing, complete with "full of hot air" jokes.

This is not the first we've seen of the Obubblegum, which comes in at least one other flavor - orange. Though you have to wonder why no grape - we do live in a purple country, according to the president. Right?

There's really very little to add to this Friday gem, aside from thanks to @garfep for posting Boba breaking down the beats of Zelda.

And, of course, the Fett himself, or @renegadeaccord as he's known on the Twitter, "Renegade Accordion, the Boba Fett masked accordion player of New York."

If you simply must know more about the busking bounty hunter, you can alsways click play, thanks to PBS 13 in New York.

New York on the Clock: Nathan Stodola, Renegade Accordion from on Vimeo.

betty.jpgThe bleating of the Internets win again. Betty White will host "Saturday Night Live."

It's been the rage of Twitter and Facebook for some time, and now the veteran comedic actress has finally agreed to step onto the Rockefeller Center stage.

The 88-year-old has been a bit perplexed at the crescendo of support for the idea of her hosting, but finally relented, telling that she's honored, if confused by the idea:

"I don't know why or how," she says, "but it's been wonderful."

Thing is, unless the writers screw this up, she'll probably be one of the better hosts this side of Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin and Justin Timblerlake. Her comedy chops are top notch and timing is a thing of beauty. This will be 1,000 times better than any uninspired Michael Phelps choise could be.

Fill in your own 'fall out' headline pun here

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Today Show Fall Out Boy.jpg

Has Fall Out Boy broken up?

Rumors have sputtered among people who care for a while now -- since the band announced an official hiatus last summer -- but now the leaders of the Chicago-area band seem to be confirming. Pete Wentz wrote as much Tuesday on his blog: "As far as I know, Fall Out Boy is on break ... I can't predict that I'd ever play in Fall Out Boy again." But singer Patrick Stump minced fewer words, telling Spin: "I'm not in Fall Out Boy right now."

Wentz continued commenting via Twitter:

  • "Something would have to change in my head or my heart - not my wallet. It'd have to be real."

  • "A hiatus is forever until you get lonely or old, [and] I don't plan on either."

  • "Feel like I have to be honest but fair to my bros in the band at the same time -- it's no1's fault ppl grow apart."

  • "Not gonna speak to anything publicly about the band internally. My brothers 2 the grave. Thnx 4 being there from day 1."

They are, indeed, working on other things. Stump has a solo record coming soon. FOB guitarist Joe Trohman and drummer Andy Hurley have joined members of Anthrax to form a new band called the Damned Things. Wentz and wife Ashlee Simpson are goo-gooing with baby Bronx, and Wentz has recorded a track for the "Alice in Wonderland" soundtrack.

You gotta love "Lost" fans. The delightfully obsessed, conspiracy theorist bunch that can sometimes further the cliff-hanger show plot along better than the writers.

Case in point: This 10-minute classic of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 in real time from the perspective of multiple characters. Watch in slightly stomach-churning syncopation as lives are lived and intersected on the island.

The fairly awesome compilation was touted on Twitter by no less that Damon Lindelhof, one of the show's executive producers. Wait, is there a clue there?

Some amazing footage, captured by a security camera on the Mustek building in Midrand, South Africa. But can you imagine what must have been going through the drivers' head as apparent Hellfire rained down, only to blink out in seconds?

Not to worry, though, it was merely the relatively harmless Geminids meteor shower bringing about 100 space rocks down per hour on the bottom of the Earth.

Sadly, the only thing Chicago security cameras ever capture is cops beating up petite Polish bartenders and red light offenders.

Very cool - unless you were in one of those cars.

Via @dimity123

Kanye is still alive (sorry, Taylor)



Kanye West is dead. Long live Kanye West.

Or so some Twitter prankster would have you believe.

Early today, Twitter became abuzz with rumors that Chicago's most notorious rapper had passed on. The phrase "RIP Kanye West" began reproducing in tweets throughout the service, becoming a trending topic that's still No. 1 on the site as of this post.

West is, however, still alive and kicking. As The Daily Swarm put it in its round-up of news reports about this, he continues to not be dead.

How the "rumor" began remains unclear. But we're looking at you, Taylor Swift.

UPDATE: Two reports on how the hoax began -- first, Idolator traces it back to a phony Fox News page posted with a giant Kanye obit; or, Daily Swarm tags it to these meatheads.

The moral of the story: It's ridiculously easy to start rumoriffic mayhem. We propose some new hashtag heard-its ... #mileymising, #Tribuneshutdown, #daleyretires. Your suggestions?

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