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Little Girl Plays With Dead Squirrel - Watch more Funny Videos

This is clearly a video shot with the hope of embarrassing a girl in her teenage years. Oh, mom and dad, something says you'll take care of that all by yourself.

Witness a cute little girl playing with her cuddly new furry friend - Mr. Corpsey.

Yes, that's a real squirrel. Yes, he's, to quote Monty Python, an ex-squirrel.

See how dad, or whatever passes for a male authority figure there, misses out on the instinct to slap the dead rodent out of said girl's hands and rush her off for a bleach bath. No, what's needed here in the parenting guidebook, clearly, is YouTube video.

And Ma, apparently, at least summons a look of revulsion, but does nothing about it.

Funny? Yep. Parental freakshow? You bet.

Good luck, kid. You have the rest of your life ahead of you. And, maybe one day, taxidermy school.

Thanks, COED Magazine's Parenting Fail blog.

President Obama is no stranger to taking a shellacking at the polls. Or a beating in the press. Or even a tongue-lashing from the right.

But a flattening from a fish sandwich?

Such is the case from the KFC ad that ran, however briefly, in Hong Kong for a fish sandwich.

Two things are evident from the effort from Yum! Brands ad: 1) This clearly didn't deliver the message they wanted and 2) they serve lemon wedges with fish sandwiches over there!

The spot, a riff on the Obamamantra of "Change," was pulled before the fish had a chance to flatten KFC's image too much. But, before the presidential pardons roll out, consider some of the stunning dialogue:

"Change, not only for your mom, but for you, your stomach, for a better taste! Mmm, change is good."

Change. It tastes bittersweet. And lemony.

"It was meant to be a spoof and no disrespect was intended," a spokesman for Yum! Brands of the Hong Kong market spot thant ran when Chinese President Hu Jintao visited the U.S. "It is no longer airing and will not be re-aired."

Would they have done this when Rahm was still running the White House?

The language for this video is straight outta New York. Fugghedabout playing it loud at work.

Chicago is a town that appreciates clean streets after a snowstorm. In fact, mayoral careers have risen and fallen on the ability of the Department of Streets and Sanitation to pull a Mr. Plow and get the white stuff packed away.

The good folks of the Big Apple have been whipping themselves into a blizzard frenzy as New York struggles to get anything done following their big snow over the weekend. "Where are the plows?!?" they cry. "When will the snow be cleared?!?" they demand as the situation becomes critical and, in some cases, apparently deadly.

And along comes a city worker to answer their question with a resounding "be careful what you ask for."

Investigations and lamentations ensue after a front-loader, apparently stuck in the snow, is dragged out by a tow truck repeatedly into a parked SUV - with the angry screams of the apparent owner in the background and a semi-gleeful videographer capturing the whole mess.

Indeed, a supervisor may not be enough to fix this as it seems like shoveling teens may not be the only ones hitting the rum out there.

Paging Michael Bilandic: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has some questions for you ...


And the hits just keep on comin'. Teen star Miley Cyrus is in the glare again this week after the above video surfaced on TMZ (watch it here; they disabled the embed) showing her grinding and lap dancing with a 44-year-old man when she was 16.

The video was filmed by fans at last year's wrap party for Miley's latest movie, "The Last Song." The man she's dirty-dancing with is the film's director and frequent "So You Think You Can Dance" judge Adam Shankman. This next factoid has been trotted out as if it somehow makes the sight less unsettling: Shankman is gay.

Not present at this party: Cyrus' parents or boyfriend/co-star Liam Hemsworth.

Some campy, possibly suggestive photos of Cyrus and Shankman were spread around earlier online, as well. Shankman previously responded to those on Twitter: "Miley is a sweet angel who works tirelessly and endlessly, and is allowed to have fun in the make up room! ... Seriously! Lighten up or no more behind the scenes pics! She's like my angel little sister."

Further evidence of the slut-ifying of Cyrus can be seen in her new music video for the song "Can't Be Tamed," in which she appears as an avain dominatrix of some sort ...

She seems to be following, to the letter, the steps outlined in the manual How to Become Britney Spears.

In other news, Cyrus was at least spotted recently dating someone her own age. She and fellow teen phenom Justin Bieber (who got big laughs and respect not long ago for being 16 and joking suggestively about buying panini for an older woman on national TV) were seen dining together in Hollywood early this week.

Cyrus told reporters the two were planning a "side project," which some reports claim is a planned duet.

So much her for quitting music for a while.

Watch that video, filled with kids 7- to 10-years old, re-enacting one of the foulest, most violent and most iconic gangster movies ever made. Think about that as you watch the original, thoroughly NSFW final scene from "Scarface" as Al Pacino dies spectacularly in a cocaine-fueled firefight:

The kids' re-enactment of Tony Montana's death scene is the rage of the Internet this week, a legitimate viral video promising the last bits of a school play gone horribly wrong. Cue the outrage, parental anger and rolling heads of the drama club sponsor who allowed this to happen, right?

Well, not so fast. You can keep the fires of your outrage stoked, but know that this is a hoax. OK, maybe not a full-on, man landed on the moon type hoax. But it's no school play. Turns out it's just a glorious act of self promotion on the behalf of director Marc Klasfeld. He's been behind the lens of videos by Jay-Z, Avril Lavigne and even was a driving force behind Lady Gaga's "Pokerface" video via his Rock Hard films production company.

So, of course, his next step in the creative ladder was to make a sensational bit of child exploitation under the cover of the deep well of creativity the Internet opens to filmmakers, right?

Ahh, the classic Hollywood tale.

"It's a rare place where you can be creative and express yourself freely and it's a very democratic process," Klasfeld told the L.A. Times. "It was a lot of fun."

This is not Klasfeld's first brush with the elusive viral video pursuit, but his Hammer Pants flashmob effort was considerably less, umm, what's the word ... douchey.

To take the over-the-top film even further past the top, Klasfeld doesn't see why setting young kids up to play the title roles in a drug-induced murder scene is all the big a fudging deal. After all, he's a sensitive parent who tries to keep his child from the horrific commercials he sees on TV:

"Everyday when I wake up with my daughter and I turn on the television for her and we're constantly guarding her against all these unnecessary sexual [messages] bombarding her ... so for us to see the reaction against this, well, that was a little shocking."

Klasfeld goes on in this interview to explain to CNN's Headline News Network why this is all just art and since all the kids and parents were OK with the process, he doesn't see what the big fudging stink being created is all about:

No word on what his next project will be, but you can almost hear some Mark Wahlberg dialogue from "The Departed" or maybe the final revenge scene when Clint Eastwood deals with Gene Hackman in "The Unforgiven" performed by a pre-kindergarten class being spooled up in his head. Or maybe those aren't sensational enough to grab the public eye again for this boundary-pusher.

Think of the worst wedding experience you've ever had. Got that picture in your mind? OK, now imagine this statement being made after said wedding and take some time to reevaluate your grade:

The gunman, a 33 year-old Chechen man, insists he was sure that he had emptied the pistol's chamber of every bullet and says he only wanted to enliven the wedding. But local police do not believe him and have opened a criminal investigation into the tragic incident.

Because nothing ... NOTHING enlivens a wedding like a little game of Russian roulette. Especially when you leave a rubber bullet in the chamber, as the London Telegraph reports happened at these festivities in southern Russia. The report offers up this gem:

Russian weddings are notoriously drunken and sometimes violent, with fist fights not uncommon.

And sure enough, nobody seems all that concerned. Maybe it's all the $3 vodka, but there's just not much urgency when the piece appears.

The unlucky contestant is apparently fighting for his life.


barnes.jpgPeople do stupid things for love. They also do a lot of stupid things while driving. It must be a natural progression of the human race that the two truths would one day coexist.

And Megan Mariah Barnes is the culmination of that latest leap on the evolution chart. Sure, lots of folks shave in the car. Few, however, do so in the genital area. While driving.

Megan Mariah Barnes is clearly not like most people.

She was pulled over by Florida cops following a two-car wreck, in which they say she was shaving her "bikini area," according to reports in the Keys News. Her ex-husband, in the passenger's seat, was steering while she groomed the uderbrush when the couple smashed into another car in the Florida Keys, according to Florida State Patrol:

"She said she was meeting her boyfriend in Key West and wanted to be ready for the visit," Trooper Gary Dunick said. "If I wasn't there, I wouldn't have believed it. About 10 years ago I stopped a guy in the exact same spot ... who had three or four syringes sticking out of his arm. It was just surreal and I thought, 'Nothing will ever beat this.' Well, this takes it."

Of course, it gets better. She probably had no business driving, razor or not, when you consider her record.

Just one day earlier, Barnes had been convicted, reports, of DUI with a prior and driving with a suspended license and was ordered to impound her car, and her driver's license was revoked for five years. After the five years, she must have a Breathalyzer ignition interlock device on any vehicle she drives - including the 1995 Thunderbird driven in the wreck. Barnes also was sentenced to nine months' probation.

Good luck with that. She was charged with driving with a revoked license, reckless driving, leaving the scene of a wreck with injuries and driving with no insurance. And she faces a year for her efforts on the probation violation alone.

If that ain't a kick in the freshly shorn crotch.

Who should star in the 'Gilligan's Island' movie?

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When the series finally wraps up later this spring, fans of "Lost" can gravitate back to the original TV desert-island fantasy: "Gilligan's Island."

Because they're finally making a movie out of it. Can you believe it's taken this long?

Variety reports today that a "Gilligan's Island" movie is under way now at Warner Bros.

Plans are for a contempo take on the well-known premise and characters, with the studio and the Schwartzes' blessing Copeland's initial idea for the screenplay. ...

"The characters are so good," Roven added. "We think it's going to be a great story to transport these cultural icons to the modern day."

Whatever happened to the original TV cast, anyway?

The castaways, after all, are still on the island. The series ended in 1967 after not being renewed for a fourth season.

So, Shiny Objectors, now the question is up to you: Who should be cast in the movie?

The roles, remember:

  • Gilligan ("Lil' Buddy")

  • Captain Jonas Grumby ("Skipper")

  • Thurston Howell III

  • Eunice "Lovey" Wentworth Howell

  • Ginger Grant

  • Roy Hinkley ("The Professor")

  • Mary Ann Summers

Fill in your own 'fall out' headline pun here

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Today Show Fall Out Boy.jpg

Has Fall Out Boy broken up?

Rumors have sputtered among people who care for a while now -- since the band announced an official hiatus last summer -- but now the leaders of the Chicago-area band seem to be confirming. Pete Wentz wrote as much Tuesday on his blog: "As far as I know, Fall Out Boy is on break ... I can't predict that I'd ever play in Fall Out Boy again." But singer Patrick Stump minced fewer words, telling Spin: "I'm not in Fall Out Boy right now."

Wentz continued commenting via Twitter:

  • "Something would have to change in my head or my heart - not my wallet. It'd have to be real."

  • "A hiatus is forever until you get lonely or old, [and] I don't plan on either."

  • "Feel like I have to be honest but fair to my bros in the band at the same time -- it's no1's fault ppl grow apart."

  • "Not gonna speak to anything publicly about the band internally. My brothers 2 the grave. Thnx 4 being there from day 1."

They are, indeed, working on other things. Stump has a solo record coming soon. FOB guitarist Joe Trohman and drummer Andy Hurley have joined members of Anthrax to form a new band called the Damned Things. Wentz and wife Ashlee Simpson are goo-gooing with baby Bronx, and Wentz has recorded a track for the "Alice in Wonderland" soundtrack.

WARNING: If you've never watched cable TV, there may be some offensive language - or beats - in this video.

Mel Gibson was chatting with WGN entertainment reporter Dean Richards the other day when he decided that "Edge of Darkness" was an abt description for the probing questioner he was made to endure.

So, after a bunch of "dudes" and a quick gulp of Starbucks, the actor known for flowing locks, epic productions and a whole raft of crazy in recent years snapped off an errant "asshole" on a hot mic. Hardly the first time it's happened to a reporter, but seldom do you get a dance mix from cursing a scribe.

But this is the YouTube age and nothing goes by for more than a day or two without being remixed. The Internet, as always, making our lives richer.

Or you can watch the original here and make your own version of the mix.

Mass transit is great. Cheap. Quickish. Easy to use. Environmentally friendly.

And entertaining.

Like, when you get on and there's some crazy-as-the-day-is-long type canoodling with his pet chicken.

Yes. Chicken.

The best part is watching people get on and off relatively like there's nothing going on. Nothing to see here. Who among us that rides the planes and trains of our great cities hasn't basically pretended that crazy wasn't happening right next to us because A) you gotta get where you're going and B) ohh, is that an open seat?

The Associated Press has jumped on this important story and gotten the city's take:

New York City's transit agency is investigating a video posted online that shows a man kissing and snuggling a live chicken aboard a subway.

Spokesman Charles Seaton said Thursday it was looking into whether the Tuesday incident on the uptown No. 6 train was a prank. He says no passengers reported it.

Apparently only service animals are allowed on New York's public transit. No word on how this chicken is servicing Mr. Rolls on the Floor.

How much would you do for love? One woman is planning on going under the knife to change her entire face to look like actress Jessica Alba for her boyfriend, according to Daily Mail. Identifying herself only as "Xiaoqing," the 21-year-old says her 28-year-old ex-boyfriend was so obsessed with Alba that he bought her a blond wig for Christmas and asked her to wear it at all times. 012810alba2.jpg Xiaoqing says the wig definitely got people to take double takes, but not the kind she wanted. She says she got slammed with nasty stares and big laughs. With her feelings crushed, she confronted her boyfriend and announced she would no longer wear the Alba-like wig. Xiaoqing says that's when her boyfriend dumped her. Now this is where most women would dust themselves off and consider their ex a jerk - but Xiaoqing says she's ready to change her appearance so that she will look like Alba forever in an attempt to win her boyfriend back. Doctors say the love sick woman would need eyebrow lifting, eyelid reshaping and nose reconstruction to look like Alba. Xiaoqing went public with her "sad" story, she says, in hopes that people will help her with her surgery costs. 012810alba.jpg 'I'm not only doing it for my ex-boyfriend but for myself,' she said. 'I am a psychologically weak person. I want to do something to challenge myself and build a strong personality through it.' For some reason, it doesn't seem like completely changing yourself is the way to better yourself.

The breakup has been brokered. Coco is a free man. His people are getting paid. Life is good.

And how else to break down the tense final moments? Why with Pee Wee Herman, legal expert, of course. Making use of a stuffed giraffe, an NBC peacock, a transformer and one of those human tank things from "Avatar."

It really is a shame this whole debacle is all but done. Late night TV is about to get much less interesting.

Can we laugh about R. Kelly's troubles now?

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Where was this guy during Chicago's R. Kelly trial?

More non-Conan-Leno late-night fun from last night: Aziz Ansari ("Parks and Recreation") reminisces with Jimmy Kimmel about R&B freakazoid R. Kelly ... and does a fine impression:


Engineer-inventor Douglas Hines, right, poses with his company's "True Companion" sex robot, Roxxxy. (Getty Images)

In an age where relationships are more complicated than ever - Internet dating, video game character marriage, same-sex marriage, high school - it's refreshing to see technology continue to take a romantic lead.

Meet Roxxxy, the $7,000 robot of love. But she's not just some plastic blowup doll, oh no. Roxxxy is, according to her manufacturers (pimps?) a five-foot, seven-inch, 120 pound companion that comes with five "personalities", is "ready for action."

She's fully customizable in terms of, err, physical attributes - including skin color, hair and mos of the other bits you'd think to mold. And, this may or may not be a turn-on, she's conversational. Roxxxy can kick back and chat about the Bears game if you're so inclined, but won't bug you about paying the bills or cleaning the gutters.

"She can't vacuum, she can't cook but she can do almost anything else if you know what I mean," Douglas Hine, her New Jersey-based artificial intelligence engineer and creator said.

"She's a companion. She has a personality. She hears you. She listens to you. She speaks. She feels your touch. She goes to sleep. We are trying to replicate a personality of a person."

Hines, who must have some really interesting research habits and lab practices, promises the lifelike creation from TrueCompanion (Actual marketing slogan: "The World's First Sex Robot - She's Ready to Talk or Play") is able to "know exactly what you are like" thanks to a wireless Internet connection. She can study your habits and interests and even send you e-mails through the day in what surely must be the most interesting messages your IT department will spy on in their life.

"Sex only goes so far, then you want to be able to talk to the person," he told the Daily Telegraph.

If you can look past the absolute creepiness for just a moment, the technology and robotics are pretty impressive. Hines says she has an operating spine that allows for "realistic" movement - though not arms and legs, apparently - and a mechanical heart with a liquid cooling system.

OK, but back to the creepy. There's also the promise of partner swapping "without risk of emotional damage" and the ability to store personalities for various scenarios. In fact, the inspiration for this stroke of genius supposedly came out of the Sept. 11 attacks. Apparently a friend of Hines' was killed and he wanted to figure out a way to store the personality forever. How you make the leap from lasting storage and tribute to a fallen friend to sex toy is surely an interesting story filled with the right mixture of pathos and freakiness, but he doesn't get into the creation process.

Roxxxy was announced at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo - in Las Vegas, of course. And don't worry, there are plans for a guybot - Rocky.

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