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The high-flying Chicago Bulls are the No. 1 seed in the playoffs, a fun team to watch and the home probably league MVP Derrick Rose.

But for those of us who can't make it to the United Center in person, perhaps the best thing about watching a Bulls game is the over-the-top enthusiasm and calls provided by former Bulls big man Stacey King.

As D. Rose is a game-winning machine, King is a catchphrase-making marvel. His numerous nicknames - Windy City Assassin - for players and gleeful spouting for hot sauce help get the TV fan from seat to feet.

So it's only fitting that there's finally a line of t-shirts to help commemorate the moments King creates. The Stacey Shirts venture is pretty new and you can contact them on Facebook to suggest new shirt phrases or take a look at the $17.99 shirts, available in white or red and expanding as Stacey spits brilliance. But act quick - before the NBA, Bulls, Comcast or King sue them for trademark infringement.

Now, some hot sauce ...

As it turns out, Lebron, Cleveland has an answer for for the question following The Decision.

In a word ... well, OK, maybe we can't use that word. Or that one. Or even that one. But suffice to say, the non-NSFW word is "stuff it."

So these Cleveland fans, Lebron, so it's not "what should you do," so much as "what have you done?"

Ahh, the fan-athlete relationship. So fragile. Built on greed, anger, mistrust and blind allegiance. All things which never lead to a happy ending.

In case you've missed it, the original question when Lebron asked, "What should I do?"


Oh Reuters, thanks for the thorough coverage of the Prefontaine Classic Diamond League race between Walter Dix and Tyson Gay. Not since the Nashville Predators' Pekka (Rinne) came up huge in the NHL playoffs have we had such rich material for awkward headline writing.

To make it an even richer read, Dix gave the following gem of a quote, to be filed in the "not making this up" category:

"I was a little sloppy out of the blocks, but I was able to hold on. But I'm a little beat up, too."

Perfect fodder on a WTF Friday.

Thanks, BoingBoing.

As if Robert Green's nightmare soft goal given up to the United States weren't replaying on a repeating reel in the English goalie's head already, now he's got this to deal with.

The Guardian newspaper has been running a series of World Cup highlights done in Lego animation, and the fateful U.S.-England draw has made the cut.

The dribbling goal line fumble by green somehow seems even sadder when recreated in molded plastic. So as the U.S. takes on Slovenia Friday morning in Group C play, try to pick out the next moments to be immortalized in brick.

Cutler flicks off fans?

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Um, thanks Jay?

The Bears QB was caught on camera making what seemed to be a rude hand gesture to the crowd, but Cutler says he was only motioning to the clock according to NBC5.

The questionable hand signal was given with just :20 to go before the end of Monday's game. While Cutler says he wasn't doing anything wrong, the crowd was booing and upset the QB wasn't running one more play before the clock ran out.

"I didn't understand why they were booing... not much we're going to do there," he said at his final Wednesday press conference and explained he'd take a chance with overtime instead.


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