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Politics makes for strange bedfellows, sure. But the Illinois Senate Republican Leader quoting Wu-Tang Clan lyrical genius Raekwon? Genius on many levels.

This might be the most awesome Wu mashup since Chessbocin' met LEGOs.

And it's subtle, but when Christine Radogno drops the mic after dropping C.R.E.A.M. beats - Dolla Dolla Bill, y'all - it's the best throwdown moment since Eminem stopped throwing up long enough in "8 Mile" to win his battle. Who says fiscal conservatism has to be, well, conservative?

If this doesn't bring us together, what will?

Thanks to CapitolFax for digging this up.

The language for this video is straight outta New York. Fugghedabout playing it loud at work.

Chicago is a town that appreciates clean streets after a snowstorm. In fact, mayoral careers have risen and fallen on the ability of the Department of Streets and Sanitation to pull a Mr. Plow and get the white stuff packed away.

The good folks of the Big Apple have been whipping themselves into a blizzard frenzy as New York struggles to get anything done following their big snow over the weekend. "Where are the plows?!?" they cry. "When will the snow be cleared?!?" they demand as the situation becomes critical and, in some cases, apparently deadly.

And along comes a city worker to answer their question with a resounding "be careful what you ask for."

Investigations and lamentations ensue after a front-loader, apparently stuck in the snow, is dragged out by a tow truck repeatedly into a parked SUV - with the angry screams of the apparent owner in the background and a semi-gleeful videographer capturing the whole mess.

Indeed, a supervisor may not be enough to fix this as it seems like shoveling teens may not be the only ones hitting the rum out there.

Paging Michael Bilandic: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has some questions for you ...

Picture 3.png

Here's something to chew on, political wonks. President Obama may just be magical afterall.

Or at least his chewing gum is.

In the great tradition of the Reggie Bar, but likely without any of those messy licensing payments to deal with, the president's face has found its way onto chewing gum packaging from a company called Kenafric, documented by tweeting traveler Mara Abrams in Tanzania and the subject of some discussion on BoingBoing, complete with "full of hot air" jokes.

This is not the first we've seen of the Obubblegum, which comes in at least one other flavor - orange. Though you have to wonder why no grape - we do live in a purple country, according to the president. Right?

Ahh the heyday of media in the 1980s, when experts like Roger Ebert could magically beam Star Trek-style into your cocktail party for your personal edification.

A kind soul was good enough to post these gems to YouTube, complete with bad suits and big hair. And advertising budgets. Those were the days.

Thanks to Brad Flora's Windy Citizen for highlighting the find. Go vote it up, people!


Has gossip web site TMZ uncovered a photo that could have changed history? The site posted a photo this morning showing a young John F. Kennedy lounging on a yacht filled with naked women.

TMZ claims that forensic photo experts agree the photo is of Kennedy and was taken in the mid-1950s.

The site also says that a Mediterranean boating trip that JFK took while still a Senator is mentioned in multiple articles and books written about Kennedy. Jackie Kennedy was supposedly pregnant at the time and gave birth to a stillborn baby while JFK was reportedly on the boat.

Had this photo surfaced before the 1960 election, do you think Kennedy would have still been elected President?

Check out the full image here >>

***UPDATE: A Playboy rep has confirmed to TMZ that the photo was taken from one of their 1967 issues.

A year ago tonight, hundreds of thousands of Barack Obama supporters filed into Grant Park in Chicago to see the junior senator from Illinois become the first black President of the United States in a landslide win against Sen. John McCain.

11- 4 Stewart Grant Park 13.JPGThe euphoria, right, from Nov. 4, 2008 in Grant Park has died down considerably in the last year. (Scott Stewart~Sun-Times)

It was the culmination in an often bitter two-year fight for a candidate many people knew little about. Supporters in Grant Park - and throughout the country - turned out to mark the historic moment with spontaneous celebrations and joyful exuberance. Even many of Obama's fiercest critics admitted it was an exciting moment in American history as the country took one more step toward closing the race gap.

But glory, as it so often is, was fleeting following the 2008 presidential election. Like the new car, the value begins to plummet and the shine to fade the moment it's driven off the dealership lot. No longer is it enough to win the campaign - now the results must come. And come quickly.


That's too many fingers, Governor.

arnold_schwarzenegger_training.jpgGov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is colorful, to say the least. But he seldom leaves people wondering what he was thinking after his actions.

Take his latest veto. Conan the Legislator often leaves messages on the bills he signs or vetoes, and California legislative finance bill AB 1176 is no different. He struck it down and left a brief message on his feeling on the issue. But you have to read between the lines to see what he's really thinking this time.

Specifically, the first letter of each line. The governor flips the legislature a figurative finger, spelling out an F-bomb if you read down the first letters. See for yourself:


"My goodness. What a coincidence," said Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear. "I suppose when you do so many vetoes, something like this is bound to happen."

Schwarzenegger's veto messages are sent to the lawmakers who authored the bills, and posted on the governor's Web site. McLear noted that the left-hand margin of past veto messages has spelled out words such as "poet" and "soap."

The target was San Francisco Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, who had sponsored AB1176. The bill, which passed unanimously in the Assembly and Senate, would have granted the Port of San Francisco expanded financing power to redevelop a former shipyard into a new neighborhood known as Pier 70.

"Kudos to the governor for his creative use of coincidence," said Ammiano's spokesman, Quintin Mecke. "You certainly have to have a sense of humor in politics. Unfortunately, this humor came at the cost of the Port of San Francisco."

Whether coincidence or smackdown, the phrase contained in Schwarzenegger's Oct. 12 veto message could be seen as retaliation for Ammiano's behavior during a local Democratic Party fundraiser earlier this month in San Francisco.

Schwarzenegger, a Republican, had been invited to the event by former San Francisco mayor and Assembly speaker Willie Brown, a Democrat.

His appearance at the Fairmont Hotel caught many of the attendees by surprise and came after a summer of contentious budget negotiations that forced lawmakers to cut billions of dollars from core state services, including education and health care programs.

On a video clip of the governor's appearance, Ammiano can be heard shouting "you lie" and other derogatory phrases as other attendees booed and heckled Schwarzenegger's brief speech.

After the governor left, Ammiano took the stage and gave a rambling diatribe in which he criticized Schwarzenegger for a wide variety of perceived offenses. In part, the freshman lawmaker was upset that Schwarzenegger had vetoed bills in 2005 and 2007 that would have legalized gay marriage.

Vimeo member Eric Spiegelman put together this slightly eerie montage of President Obama doing the grip-and-grin line from a recent meeting at the United Nations with foreign dignitaries. Spiegelman grabbed the images from the State Department's Flickr site and 20 seconds later you have this impressive proof that Obama has a very consistent smile.

On Wednesday, the Obamas hosted a reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, during which they stood for 130 photographs with visiting foreign dignitaries in town for the UN meeting. The President has exactly the same smile in every single shot.

So there you go. Who needs a cutout when the real thing works this well?

Hat tip to Chicagoist for digging this up on a quiet Friday.

Don't Delay: Republican pol struts on 'DWTS9'

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Dancing With the Stars.jpg

Former House Republican Whip Tom DeLay surprised the crowd on last night's season premiere of "Dancing With the Stars." The 62-year-old politician performed a cha-cha to the 1960s hit "Wild Thing."

"Parts were magic, parts were tragic," head judge Len Goodman said.

DeLay even wowed his professional partner, Cheryl Burke. "I just busted out laughing because I was, like, I can't believe this old man is here on his one knee playing the guitar and doing exactly what I told him to do, no questions asked," she said after the show.

(Fill in your own lobbyist joke here.)

Watch him do his thing here ...

Genuine laughs all around when, in the rehearsal footage, Delay's instructor kept telling him to go left, left, left! -- and the conservative pol explained that "going left for me is absolutely outrageous." Ba dum bum!

DeLay finished with 20 points. "I have to say I nailed it," said DeLay, wearing orthopedic shoes to help alleviate the bruising and near stress-fractures on his feet after weeks of rehearsals. "I felt good. My hips were working. Cheryl held me up and I really, I did it. I nailed it."

Aaron Carter came out on top, earning 32 points out of 40 for his two dances.

Another surprise from the night: Watching competitor Donny Osmond perform was his sister Marie, sitting in the crowd alongside another famous sibling, Jermaine Jackson.


Thanks to our friends at Chicagoist for turning us onto the latest candidate to announce he's running to push the hugely unpopular Cook County Board President Todd Stroger out of office. The name? IcePhoenix23.

Rolls off the tongue and right onto a campaign placard, doesn't it?

Speaking of rolling, what does this guy bring to party aside from a concern for the community and outrage at the incumbent? Roller boogie skills. Mad roller boogie skills.

He could take a hit in the polls over the shorts, but this being Cook County, let's not count him out until all the ballots are marked twice, hidden, lost, counted, thrown out and rearranged in the next election.

Democracy in James Brown-inspired roller disco action!


tweetmeme_style = 'compact';

If possible, let's put politics aside for a moment and accept this video for what it is: an impressive bit of artistic memory rendered on paper.

Minnesota's junior Sen. Al Franken, while doing the baby-kissing tour at the Minnesota State Fair, broke out a Sharpie and draws the United States map from memory. That's a par;or trick he's been breaking out for a number of years, but to see it done is still pretty impressive, particularly when you consider the number of people who couldn't even find the entire country on a map in this survey.

OK. Enough of that. Back to your partisan political squabbling. Moment of Zen over.

This is graphic, so, you know, don't watch if you can't deal.

Texting and driving is getting to be big news as states, like Illinois, and even the federal government, in the form of a threat to withhold funding without state legislation being passed, move to ban an activity that, frankly, you would assume most people would realize is dangerous.

Stand on any busy street for 10 minutes and watch people try to walk and text as they ram into passersby, walls and bus stops and you get the idea - if talking on the phone is distracting, reading and writing is not only a safety hazard to yourself, but a potentially deadly impairment on par with driving under the influence to anyone unlucky enough to be on the road at the time. In fact, a Virginia Tech study in July found that those who text and drive increased their crash risk by 23 times.

That's where this video, making the rounds on talk radio and cable news, comes in. Produced in Wales, it shows in fairly graphic context what happens when you concentrate on thumb typing instead of driving. The results are LOL. There's a debate on various sites - check out the comments here at carcentric - as to the realistic depiction of the chain of events and the severity of the situation presented in the PSA, but it does a good job pointing out that the person texting is not the only one affected. Whether it gets people to stop? Well, do these things ever stop people? Time - and aggressive laws - will tell.

Car Accidents & Crashes: Shocking Driver's Ed Fear Video - Funny bloopers R us

This is one of those peanut butter-in-my-chocolate mashups that couldn't be stranger.

On one side you have Sarah Palin, the conservative lightning rod and former vice presidential candidate who, until recently, was Alaska's governor - until she quit to save the people of the state, she says - and a collection of her greatest hits of campaign trail folksiness.

On the other side you have R. Kelly - the pride of the South Side multi-million selling R&B superstar perhaps better known as an accused (and acquitted) child molester - and his hit "World's Greatest."

What could possibly go wrong when you combine the two?

Apparently absolutely nothing, at least according to the Conservatives4Palin folks that made this mashup.

emmy_rossum.jpgBut wait a minute. What's this? This isn't even the first time Sarah Palin and R. Kelly have been immortalized in YouTube glory together? Apparently Conservatives4Palin got their idea from another YouTuber and Palin fan's channel. EmmyRossumFanForLife (and who isn't, by the way - she's just too cute for words).

One wonders if Emmy Rossum knows she's being two-timed on? But I digress. Here's the original photo montage, again put to Kelly's "World's Greatest":

You'd think at least one of them would have broken out "I Believe I can Fly" or something. Oh well, there's always 2011, I suppose.

At least now we have these efforts. You know, for the kids.

The erroneous, NSFW video originally linked to in the Minnesota DFL press release.

Next time, Minnesota's Democratic Party says, it will closely check its Internet links before sending news releases after it had to recall a statement criticizing Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty because it mistakenly linked to a profane YouTube video of an elderly Chinese woman repeating obscenities.

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