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Got J-Hud?

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Jennifer Hudson does her motherly duty ... and joins the "Got Milk?" ad campaign:


The first shot released at a very NSFW of Levi Johnston and his armpit hair.

Levi Johnston, or is that Ricky Hollywood, is a classy guy. Yeah, he's doing a Playgirl pictorial, but it's arty, not filled with gratuitous junk.

The Bristol Palin knocker-upper decided to keep little Ricky Hollywood under wraps, electing no to go full frontal, so he can keep things from devolving into some sort of a circus with people thumbing his page for a glimpse at his naughty bits rather than to get to know him as a person.

See? Classy.

Us Magazine had some additional details of the classic moments of Americana preserved on film:

"'The shoot was fantastic!' Johnston's manager said, adding that the nude model wasn't nervous in the slightest. 'We're having a lot of fun with it,' Jones teases. And, ahem, how much did Bristol Palin's hockey-playing ex reveal? 'People are going to see more of Levi than they thought,' Tank Jones tells Us. 'There was a hockey stick involved.' The fun's not over, either: a second photo session takes place Friday. 'Part two is going to be fantastic. That's all I can say.' "

Now, of course we all know this guy is a puckhead of the highest order. So much so that, according to Playgirl consultant Daniel Nardicio's Twitter feed, he whipped out his hockey stick for a couple pictures.

Picture 20.png

And it must be just that attention to detail that keeps his famous not-mother-in-law, Sarah Palin, willing to leave a seat at the family Thanksgiving table for him. Talking to Oprah on Monday, Palin said she's worried he may not be making the right decisions with his life.

Palin went on to say she finds it "a bit heartbreaking to see the road that he is on right now" and that "it's not a healthy place to be." Palin also said Johnston remains a member of the family and that they can work out any troubles. She said she prays for him and that he has an "open invitation" to Thanksgiving dinner.

One can only wonder with breathless anticipation what will happen next.

Kelly is spoiling our 'Saved by the Bell' reunion

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After the funny bit with Mark-Paul Gosselaar earlier this year (see below), Jimmy Fallon has been trying to reunite the whole cast of "Saved by the Bell" on his new late-night talk show. It is the 20th anniversary of the beloved teen sitcom, after all. But it hasn't happened yet because of one hold-out: Kelly.

But she has some really good excuses, as she explains in the (comedy) video below. What with the NASA project and the live-action cat feature, she's just really busy ...

And here's the Fallon bit with Mark -- I mean, Zack -- if you missed it ...

Quick! Deploy the Bat-polls for the Bat-campaign!

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By Misha Davenport

In other comic book news, DC's first (and possibly only) Jewish, lesbian crime fighter Batwoman (a k a Kate Kane) has apparently thrown her hat -- er, we mean cowl -- into the ring in the race to be the next mayor of Washington, D.C.

"Today, I, Batwoman, proudly announce my candidacy for mayor Washington, DC," reads a statement on the Web site "I do so because I believe that we are in a monumental period in the history of our nation's capital that requires a different kind of leadership. We need a real hero for real equality."

She indicates in a position statement on the site that she is opposed to California's Prop 8 (which banned gay marriage) but supports universal health care and the immigrant reform bill known as the Dream Act.

Batwoman is the latest DC character to announce a candidacy for the position; the Atom, Superman and Green Lantern are also running, as is rival publishing house Marvel's Spider-Man.

Visitors to the Web site are encouraged to follow the campaign on Twitter and Facebook. A vote is planned for July 10.

In addition to being a pretty decent publicity stunt for DC Comics, the project is part of the New Organizing Institute's political bootcamp, in which college graduates are charged with running their own fictional mayoral campaigns as part of their training.

Get your Sunday DC comics on Wednesdays

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By Misha Davenport

Even though it's Wednesday, it sure feels like Sunday. We blame DC's new Wednesday Comics (DC, $3.99).

Beginning today and continuing for the next 11 weeks, DC is publishing a weekly 16-page, broadsheet newspaper featuring 15 stories. The project makes us long for the days when the Sunday funnies were that many pages instead of the more common four to six pages they are today.

Alongside the weekly exploits of famous characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, lesser-known characters like Kamandi the Last Boy On Earth, Metamorpho and Adam Strange are getting their moments to shine.

A host of A-list artists and writers are working on each of the strips, including Chicago-based comic book author Brian Azzarello (who is co-writing the Batman strip with Eduardo Risso). Azzarello's debut strip is particularly grizzly and concerns the kidnapping and seemingly senseless murder of an investment banker.

Our favorite this week: Iris West (by Karl Kerschl and Brenden Fletcher), a "Mary Worth"-like look at the shortcomings of being married to a superhero. Despite being married to the Flash (the fastest man on earth), her hubby is frequently late to dinner or canceling plans altogether. In the debut strip, Iris has finally had enough.

The use of Benday-dot printing in that strip is particularly effective, recalling the art style of 1960s romance comic books.

Look for Wednesday Comics in your local comic book store starting today.


Is it OK! to publish pics of Michael Jackson ... dead?

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Michael Jackson.jpg

You knew someone would do it sooner or later, probably sooner.

OK! Weekly magazine has caused a stir with its latest issue -- the front cover of which features a photo of Michael Jackson just moments before doctors declared him dead.

Media Week reports OK! paid $500,000 for the exclusive shots, taken as he was being rushed to the hospital on June 25.

While most outlets are publishing tributes showing Jackson in his glory days and a more positive light, the editors at OK! say they opted for this display to set themselves apart.

"It's a photo that captures the surprise and the upset and the moment of this breaking news story," says OK! editorial director Sarah Ivens. "I hope the cover will provoke readers. It celebrated the man, but it also does expose that he was an eccentric character who lived a very controversial life."

It's not an overtly gruesome photo, but it could clearly affect fans emotionally. You can see the magazine's cover below, after the jump, but don't say we didn't warn you.

If you're outraged, there's already an online petition demanding ... that ... something be done about it.

What do you think? Too much? Too soon?

The word: Newsweek's first guest editor is Stephen Colbert

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Newsweek magazine relaunched a few weeks ago as "a new magazine for a changing world," including a significant redesign, and for the first time in its 76-year history the news weekly will feature a guest editor. Next week's issue will be edited by none other than Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert.

060309colbert.jpgAccording to the New York Observer: "Mr. Colbert will help design the cover of the magazine, he'll write an editor's note and he'll be adding annotations to Mr. Meacham's weekly editor's note. Mr. Colbert said that he helped hand out assignments, and will play around with columnist's biographies and help pick out pull quotes for stories. There will be a section dedicated to all the unpublished letters to the editor Mr. Colbert has written to Newsweek since he was a kid."

Newsweek's editor Jon Meacham was "just very impressed with the range of his knowledge" and "almost encyclopedic feel for anything that came up" during a lunch they had.

EW: "Colbert promises to pepper the 'conventional wisdom' of his ultra-conservative Comedy Central character throughout the June 8 issue, but insists much of the content will be treated with the utmost seriousness."


Artist Jorge Colombo has managed to find a hip new use for the iPhone that Apple has yet to exploit for an App Store ad.


In an amazing bit of finger-eye coordination, he created the current cover of the New Yorker with his iPhone and a $4.99 app called Brushes - and the companion Brushes Viewer app that allows for recording the process and outputting the work in large scale.

While art in the digital space continues to evolve in astonishing and impressive ways, this might be the most impressive electronic finger painting yet.

The New York Times - hat tip to Times editor Patrick LaForge - talked to Colombo over the weekend for his thoughts on how his work came to pass.

It "made it easy for me to sketch without having to carry all my pens and brushes and notepads with me, and I like the fact that I am drawing with a set of tools that anybody can have easily in their pocket," Colombo said.

And if you like Colombo's work, the New Yorker promises a new drawing each week on the Web site.

Here's a look in video form of the magazine cover in progress:

And you can find a bunch more of Colombo's iPhone work here in massively large proportions.


Michelle Obama is a woman who has accomplished a lot in her life. From a humble upbringing on Chicago's South Side to successful lawyer and mother to her current job - first lady of the United States.

But here's a new line for the resume she may not have seen coming: making Maxim magazine's Top 100 list of beautiful women in the world.

Michelle becomes the first first lady to transcend the East Wing to the Hot Wing, clocking in at no. 93. No doubt powered to that finish on the strength of her keen fashion sense and well-documented killer arms.

You can get a look at the top 10 on Maxim's list here and here and a look at the full list of 100 here. And this is a list of the ladies Michelle beat out:

94. Yvonne Strahovski - heating up Cold War-style espionage on "Chuck"

95. Padma Lakshmi - hot in the kitchen on "Top Chef"

96. Olivia Munn - hotness under "Attack" (of "The Show)

97. Marisa Tomei - stripper-pole hot in "The Wrestler" and hot-and-bothered over her Oscar snub

98. Rebecca Mader - "Lost" in the hotness

99. Melissa Rycroft - hot on the dance floor and under the collar after rejection on "The Bachelor"

100. Deanna Russo - hot car enthusiast on "Knight Rider"

At 9:30 this morning at Pace University, in the New York Times' former headquarters, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced the Kindle reader we've been waiting for.

No. Really. It's pretty sweet.

• 9.7-inch E-Ink screen (1200 x 824 with 16 shades of gray)

• 1/3 of an inch thick (10.4" x 7.2" x 0.38")

• 4GB Storage for 3,500 books (a bump from 1,500)

• Unspecified but "long" battery life

• Native PDF support through built-in reader

• Automatic landscape/portrait text rotation

• Navigation buttons moved to right side of screen only

• EVDO (of course) for 60-second book transfers

You may know it as the Kindle DX moment - the time when print publishing as we know it may have changed for good, though you'll have to wait for a summer release date to find out for yourself.

The always-fun Gizmodo crew liveblogged the event.

What's the big deal about a new $489 Kindle, anyway? It's literally in the word "big." The real highlight is that this is a reader made for the print media industry.

Thumbnail image for phones.jpg

So, you think you have an ugly cell phone? Clunky? Bad service plan, poor features and hard to use?

Well, your maligned mobile may have nothing on this list of seven awfully designed and/or just plain ugly phones PC Magazine put together. Some are ugly, some are ill-thought-out and designed and some, like the the Siemens Xelibri Line combine deficiencies in a breathtaking array of grotesque telephony.

Give 'em a look and see how a phone can quickly jump from wireless to witless. Then count your lucky stars the next time you can text away without having to flip your phone upside down in the process.

And at least none of them does this ...

Kal Penn volunteered as a floor whip at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. (AP Photo)

Actor Kal Penn is leaving one "House" for another.

Penn, of "Harold and Kumar" fame, is taking a position in the White House as an associate director in the office of public liaison, according to several online reports.

Penn told Entertainment Weekly that he "was incredibly honored a couple of months ago to get the opportunity to go work in the White House. I got to know the President and some of the staff during the campaign and had expressed interest in working there."

(Click here to read the entire EW interview.)

Penn acknowledged to the magazine that he will be taking a sizable pay cut, and leaves the door open to a future return to acting.

Penn's character on "House," Lawrence Kutner, committed suicide on the show, prompting Fox to set up a "mourning" site for Penn's character that includes an obituary.

Sun-Times political correspondent Lynn Sweet has more.

Esquire magazine has a long history of thought-provoking art direction on it's covers - in particular check out the ground-breaking work in the '60s and '70s. From race to politics to pop culture, they always go the extra mile in terms of smart visual solutions.

The May issue, available April 10, is no disappointment. The mag promises the "first-ever mix 'n' match" cover, a perforated effort that lets you switch between portraits of George Clooney, President Obama and Justin Timberlake, flip-book style, to create stylized portrait from three of the leading faces in America.

Are there names missing? Of course. Limited to three photos, it would be impossible to please everyone. But this truncated stab is pretty cool no matter.

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