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Stephen Colbert IS cooler than you. Me. Jay-Z, even.

The Comedy Central titan announced the nominees for Song of the Year at the Grammy Awards on Sunday with a little help from the Great Silver Hype - an iPad.

After pulling the latest iWant device out of his coat, Colbert jokingly asked Jay-Z "did you not get one of these in your gift bag?" He also asks his daughter, Madeline, if she finally thinks he's cool. (The answer: No. She must be a PC.)

Colbert then presented the award to Beyonce for "Single Ladies," assuring that Kanye West will NOT be showing up on the "Threat Down."

For the record, Stephen, the iPad coup makes you cool, cooler even than the eaglet, baby turtle or NASA treadmill.

For all you Apple/iPad haters, let's see your Kindles do that.

More iPad fun: Pee-Wee test drives one

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And finds an innovative new use for it ...

Pee-Wee wears an abstinence ring. Giggle.

Are you feeling SOSO about your WIFI?

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Can you put the iPhone down without freaking out?

From the utterly obvious file: A study has found that most people get very, very stressed out when they don't have an Internet connection.

But it's more than that. The study -- from The Future Report and commissioned by British Internet service provider Virgin Media -- coins an acronym for people who are slightly hooked on their wifi mainline. Those who not only love their tech but experience great anxiety when they are disconnected are SOSOs. They "switch on to switch off" -- that is, they experience less stress as long as they see this:WIFI.jpg

More than 35 percent of those surveyed said they kinda freaked out if they were unable to stay in relatively constant contact with friends and family via email, Web sites or social networking services.

In addition, the SOSOs don't care if you find their anxiety ridiculous. The same percentage reported that they don't feel guilty about always having a computer or Web-activated cell phone within reach.

The numbers were higher for stay-at-home parents.

"An 'always on' lifestyle may not be for everyone but there is a significant number of people for whom always being connected actually increases peace of mind," says Mark Schweitzer, COO of Virgin Media.

How about you, Yanks? Do you get the shakes when you leave the bars, as it were?


E Ink, the maker of the display for the Amazon Kindle e-book reader, has been bought by a Taiwanese company for $215 million.

Ho hum. "So what?" you say?

Well here's why it's cool. The Taiwanese company, Prime View, is the E Ink parthner that actually makes these displays for Amazon and Sony and this deal is supposed to speed up the development of color displays on these type devices, according to the Associated Press:

The deal will help the combined company develop color versions of its displays and mass produce them by the end of 2010, said Sriram Peruvemba, E Ink's vice president of marketing. Current models show shades of gray.

Privately held E Ink is expected to demonstrate its latest color display prototypes Tuesday at SID Display Week 2009 in San Antonio.

Why no color on Kindles and other readers yet? Amazon, at least, says it's not happy with the quality on current prototypes.

So now Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO, is that much closer to his goal of Kindle color.

E Ink's displays are used in e-book readers because they look similar to regular paper and consume very little power. However, they take a relatively long time to switch between images, making navigation slow.

E Ink makes the top layer of the electronic ink displays, then ships them to Prime View, which adds a bottom layer that's similar to those used in LCD panels. Prime View bought the electronic ink technology of Royal Philips Electronics NV in 2005. E Ink, which was spun off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said it had raised more than $150 million from investors, including Intel Corp., Motorola Corp. and Hearst Corp. E Ink had first-quarter revenue of $18 million. It has not revealed whether it is profitable.

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