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'Uh, Jughead, I need to tell you something...'

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A new student is coming to Riverdale High School this fall -- and he's not interested in Betty or Veronica.

Kevin Keller is the newest character to join the 71-year-old Archie comic series, and he's gay. Which explains why Veronica's shameless attempts to throw herself at him produce no results. (Welcome, Veronica, to the rather large club of high school girls who fell for gay guys.) After Kevin beats Jughead in a burger-eating contest at Pop's Chocklit Shoppe (must ... not ... make ... inappropriate ... joke ...), Kevin comes out to him.

PH2010042205769.jpgThis happens in "Veronica" No. 202, in comic shops on Sept. 1 and news stands on Sept. 14. The title of the issue: "Isn't It Bromantic?" The cover says, "Meet the hot new guy!"

"The introduction of Kevin is just about keeping the world of Archie Comics current and inclusive," Jon Goldwater of Archie Comics says in a statement. "Archie's hometown of Riverdale has always been a safe world for everyone. It just makes sense to have an openly gay character in Archie comic books."

The Washington Post writes: "With some comics, these collective changes would qualify as non-news. But in the less-diverse world of Riverdale -- where everything but the sundaes has often been vanilla -- this registers as a major shift."

This is the dinosaur franchise's latest attempt to grab our attention, a year after they tried marrying off its namesake.

Maybe this'll help. The poor, pent-up guys in this stunted universe have always had to pay for womanly affection anyway, as this video shows ...

So add Kevin to this (holy cow) long list of all the gay characters in comic books these days.

In other news: Yes, they're still writing Archie comic books.

There's really very little to add to this Friday gem, aside from thanks to @garfep for posting Boba breaking down the beats of Zelda.

And, of course, the Fett himself, or @renegadeaccord as he's known on the Twitter, "Renegade Accordion, the Boba Fett masked accordion player of New York."

If you simply must know more about the busking bounty hunter, you can alsways click play, thanks to PBS 13 in New York.

New York on the Clock: Nathan Stodola, Renegade Accordion from on Vimeo.

Ask Kevin Smith some questions -- all day long

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Film Kevin Smith.jpg

So on Monday, Labor Day, when you're not grilling or whatever is expected of Americans on a three-day weekend -- first, check to see if anyone's showing any Kevin Smith movies.

Then, dial up Twitter and follow Smith himself, @ThatKevinSmith, and ask him a question. Smith will be online for 24 hours on Monday, hosting his own marathon Q&A on Twitter.

Whatever you think of his movies, he's pretty funny in interviews (warning: strong language) ...

So think up some questions. We'll start with:

Really? That's the best you could write for Green Arrow?

Really? "Clerks II"?

Bloodthirsty? Reach for a bottle o' Tru Blood

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image.jpgIt's hot out, you're thirsty -- how 'bout a nice cold bottle of blood?

The fictional beverage chugged by vampires in the HBO series "True Blood" is now very real and will be on sale in September. Tru Blood is a blood orange-flavored, carbonated drink, in a bottle that's been crafted to replicate the appearance of the vampiric sustenance found on the series - blood type, logo and all.

The Tru Blood drink was officially announced by Alan Ball, creator and executive producer of "True Blood," at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend, where fans were able to sample the beverage and take a bottle home.


No no no. We said a green lantern.

USA CINEMA.jpgWarner Bros. has decided on who gets to wear the super-powered ring in "Green Lantern," the studio's latest DC Comics movie: Ryan Reynolds.

The studio has spent the past five months searching for the actor to play Hal Jordan, the hot-shot Air Force pilot who is chosen by a dying alien to be his successor in an intergalactic police force known as the Green Lanterns.

This week, the race narrowed to Bradley Cooper, Reynolds and Justin Timberlake.

The studio ordered up two rounds of screen tests with Cooper, Reynolds and Timberlake. Other actors in the early mix included Michael Fassbender, Henry Cavill and Jared Leto.

Apparently, the producers, director Martin Campbell, and the studio each had a different favorite among the three finalists, making it difficult to come to a consensus. The studio has scheduled the movie for a December 2010 opening.

Reynolds recently starred in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," where he played the spinoff-friendly Deadpool. He's also in theaters with Disney's romantic comedy "The Proposal," which just hit the $100 million mark.

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