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President Obama is no stranger to taking a shellacking at the polls. Or a beating in the press. Or even a tongue-lashing from the right.

But a flattening from a fish sandwich?

Such is the case from the KFC ad that ran, however briefly, in Hong Kong for a fish sandwich.

Two things are evident from the effort from Yum! Brands ad: 1) This clearly didn't deliver the message they wanted and 2) they serve lemon wedges with fish sandwiches over there!

The spot, a riff on the Obamamantra of "Change," was pulled before the fish had a chance to flatten KFC's image too much. But, before the presidential pardons roll out, consider some of the stunning dialogue:

"Change, not only for your mom, but for you, your stomach, for a better taste! Mmm, change is good."

Change. It tastes bittersweet. And lemony.

"It was meant to be a spoof and no disrespect was intended," a spokesman for Yum! Brands of the Hong Kong market spot thant ran when Chinese President Hu Jintao visited the U.S. "It is no longer airing and will not be re-aired."

Would they have done this when Rahm was still running the White House?

As it turns out, Lebron, Cleveland has an answer for for the question following The Decision.

In a word ... well, OK, maybe we can't use that word. Or that one. Or even that one. But suffice to say, the non-NSFW word is "stuff it."

So these Cleveland fans, Lebron, so it's not "what should you do," so much as "what have you done?"

Ahh, the fan-athlete relationship. So fragile. Built on greed, anger, mistrust and blind allegiance. All things which never lead to a happy ending.

In case you've missed it, the original question when Lebron asked, "What should I do?"


The donkey is not the real ass in this story.

In what is being called an advertising campaign - the worst "Shrek" capmaign ever? - children ended up in tears as a shrieking donkey was forced to parasail over the beach at a Russian resort town. The stunt ended with the frightened animal eventually being dragged across the water before being pulled to safety, according to BBC reports.

"The donkey screamed and children cried," regional police spokeswoman Larisa Tuchkova said. "No-one had the brains to call police."

Witnesses near the beach on the Sea of Azov in the Krasnodar region said the donkey had been "screaming" in fear as it was pulled through the air in front of horrified spectators.

"It was put up so high into the sky that the children on the beach cried and asked their parents: 'Why did they tie a doggy to a parachute?'" one witness told a local paper.

Police are investigating and the businessmen responsible, unnamed in reports, may face criminal charges for animal cruelty.

If this doesn't cause Luke to turn back on his targeting computer, what will?

Master Yoda is joining the gang from a galaxy far, far away (turn-by-turn directions there available) to voice direction for the TomTom GPS system.

Yes, this is shilling, but it's shilling at its Star Wars best. If all ads were this awesome, we'd need nothing but ads to pass the time.

In fact, the only way this doesn't make me want a TomTom more is that it doesn't include an R2 droid upon purchase.

Now the debate begins - who does the behind-the-scenes spots better? Yoda, or Darth Vader:

Again, why quibble? Just set up a cable channel and run them all 24 hours a day.

Ahh the heyday of media in the 1980s, when experts like Roger Ebert could magically beam Star Trek-style into your cocktail party for your personal edification.

A kind soul was good enough to post these gems to YouTube, complete with bad suits and big hair. And advertising budgets. Those were the days.

Thanks to Brad Flora's Windy Citizen for highlighting the find. Go vote it up, people!

Got J-Hud?

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Jennifer Hudson does her motherly duty ... and joins the "Got Milk?" ad campaign:

Time to play "Guess the authenticity!"

the latest soon-to-be viral video shows a van getting housed on a New York City corner. It wanders seemingly accidentally through a construction zone to meet the business end of a wrecking ball (can a ball have an end?).

Anyway, boom goes the minivan and then starts the debate that's tearing our society apart in the Internet age: Is it real or not? Prevailing sentiment in most comment fields is that this is fake. It was not on the local New York news and only seems to exist in YouTube land. The logic from one Digger:

Obviously a scene filmed for a movie...

• you can hear the director yell cut

• a normal wrecking ball would drive right through the car, not stop after hitting it (i.e. fake, lighter ball)

• you can see the hydraulic attachment to the bottom of the van that causes it to flip

• PA on walkie-talkie saying "Sara, stand by".

• Guy saying "That was right on target"... obviously he had been standing there watching the scene being set up.

Most believe it to be a marketing campaign, either for a movie currently filming, or, more improbably, for Astro Boy, which is advertised on the side of the bus that pulls through just after the big bash.

Either way, you can beat fun at the ol' ball car park.

For absolutely no reason whatsoever, here's video of a dog skateboarding.

If you absolutely must have some info, you should check rnickeymouse's YouTube page for an account of how he stumbled upon this scene and his video eventually ended up in an iPhone commercial.

If you really need to know more, you could always check out Tillman, the dog, who has an agent and is available for booking.

Or you could just sit back and enjoy the funny dog on a skateboard. With more than 9 million views, the video doesn't need the traffic. But it's funny, people!

Sometimes, not always, but usually when you need it most, the Internet is a hero. And occasionally the hero has a sidekick in the form of local TV advertising.

Welcome to the Hall of Justice, manned, in every sense of the word, by Robert Lee, the owner of the Alabama mobile home sales firm Cullman Liquidation. Robert is here to sell his previously owned homes on wheels, and he doesn't care if you buy or not. He's been hit in the face multiple times with a crescent wrench, smashed in the back of the head with a fence post and working in mobile home - not trailers! - sales for 20 years. At this point in life, brutal honesty is his strongest weapon.

From the sound effects to the angles, shots and feel of this spot by two guys named Rhett and Link and their site, there's nothing not awesome about this effort. And if the commercial weren't cool enough for your valuable Internet time, it get's better! There's a making-of effort that lets you in on the life of our hero just a little bit more:

The dynamic duo behind the production, Rhett and Link, a comedy team from North Carolina who also host a popular Webcast on Ustream, is currently working on a series producing local commercials for businesses nominated by fans and viewers. It's a nationwide effort and they're just on business no. 2, so jump in now if you've got a place that needs the Robert Lee treatment.

A little lesson on appreciation on Guinness' special day:

And a clever ad on the evolution of the wait for the settle:

And, of course, some fun facts for hanging with your friends down the pub.

Yes, the audio quality is poor, but you get the idea.

kfc.jpgYou may have seen the new KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich by now, a 1,200-calorie adventure in misaligned dietary goals. This is the monstrosity promising a bacon sandwich with cheese and sauce slapped between two slabs of fried chicken - in lieu of bread.

Mmmm ...

Don't bother rolling yourself to any Chicago KFCs just yet for a taste of the last meal of your life, though, as it's currently only being test marketed in Nebraska and Rhode Island, apparently. But don't worry, it'll likely be in the Midwest before you can say triple bypass.

The drunk food appeal of this death platter aside, it's an amazing menu item - and not the good kind of amazing. At a time when the country is embroiled in a fierce debate over the cost of health care and obesity continues to put our fatness at the forefront of a public health pandemic, this is apparently the answer at least one fast food corporation has come up with to help society: JUST GIVE UP.

KFC for its part is being very secretive about the sandwich - there's no mention on its Web site about the behemoth and even dietary information is sketchy.

And what does $5 taste like? A Foodgeek reviewer breaks it down (complete with horrific photos:

That's it? That is the sandwich? That's not worth five dollars. Oh... oh my God. That is the best thing ever. I don't know what "Colonel's Sauce" is, but it is like a party in my mouth. This is completely worth the five dollars. Unfortunately I'm going to end up weighing 700 lbs after this, but it is simply amazing.

Right. So when the Devil comes to Earth, he's apparently delicious.

Of course, the health community is aghast at the Double Down, decrying the lack of corporate responsibility in the face of the aforementioned health concerns in AMerica now. There's even the possibility of some sort of fast food or fat tax tied to health care reform to penalize American eaters for subjecting the system to undue costs for scarfing just this sort of thing.

Overreaction? Appropriate outrage? All too much to swallow? Who knows, but one thing's for sure - this is yet another reason why This Is Why You're Fat is becoming less funny and more like a coroner's report on cause of death.

And worst of all, they stole the idea from "30 Rock"!

There's nothing like an inbound CTA/Metra ride to make one think of drinking - at least that's what Budweiser is banking on in a new video ad spot.

The twist? It's a spot running in the United Kingdom and Ireland as part of a campaign for the beer's licensed brewer, Diageo Ireland.

Set to the tune of the Beatles' "All Together Now," the spot almost makes you forget you're watching an ad - and almost makes the schlep downtown something to look forward to for the work-a-day drones stuck on the various "L" and Metra lines used in the piece.

Sliding by scenes both famous and simply familiar, it's not the usual glamour shoot you'd see from a Chicago-shot ad campaign, but rather an insider's view to the city. There's the usual skyscraper footage and the like, but no ballparks. No lakeshore. No Michigan Avenue.

Irish blogger Darragh Doyle touched on some of the Chicago-centric aspects of the ad in a post in July. Here's what Doyle had on the city - and its people - as star:

Written by Dave Henderson and Richard Denney, and shot by award winning Director Chris Palmer, it was shot over 5 days from an actual train on the metro-rail as it tracked around the city of Chicago.

All in all, the film and crew were on the train for 50 hrs over a 5 day period in temperatures that were often below freezing. All of the actors were outside for up to 10 hrs a day in the freezing temperatures, often in costumes that provided little warmth. As such there was almost an entire crew of people dedicated to keeping the actors warm with blankets, thermoses and portable heaters.

The people of Chicago were brilliant as well and invited actors into their homes and offered them some respite from the bitter weather during shoot down time glorious stuff.

The band playing the Beatles cover is The Hours, a London-based duo.

The work for the "Lyrics" was written and conceived by DDB London and during a blogger release party for the spot, DDB's Matt Delahunty tells what it took to get the add off the ground - a 17-month process. It's an interesting look behind the scenes:

Delahunty talks about not only the technical challenges of getting the shoot timed perfectly, but his surprise at the freezing Chicago weather that surprised him on his first trip to the States.

You can find much more on the making of the video - behind the scenes and concept work, as well as upload your own video clips - here, though you'll need to be 21 - or at least tell the site you are - to get through the age wall. Some very cool insights to be found.

In the end it is just an ad campaign for a mediocre beer, but any Chicagoan can appreciate the glimpses into our city. And anybody who appreciates the creative process will find the explanations behind the work a treat for sure.

Hat tip to the Windy Citizen for finding this Chicago gem. Stop by and give it a vote up if you're so inclined.

The trailer for Heath Ledger's last film

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At the end of this trailer, Johnny Depp overacts a simple line: "Nothing's permanent -- not even death!"

It's a nice bit o' irony considering he's one of a handful of A-list actors who stepped in to finish the scenes left unfilmed in this, Heath Ledger's last film, "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus." And today the trailer for the spectacular fantasy (the latest such wonder emporium from Terry Gilliam) began going viral online, and here 'tis:

Think the Snuggie fad is waning? Nope, it's just gone to the dogs. Literally.

Like the product of a 3 a.m. ideafest after a Snuggie pub crawl and because the good folks at Snuggie hadn't fleeced enough of us with their children's book-colored backwards robes, they've come up with the next big market full of creatures that just can't handle the responsibility and technical expertise of a blanket: your dog.

Witness the ad, filled with those little drop-kick pooches freezing their yappers off until a kindly owner swoops in with the day-glow death shroud for dogs.

OK the little dogs, maybe, you can see this on. But a golden retriever? It would be like a fur-lined humidor. And what happens when Cuddles wants to roll on that dead rat carcass when you kick him out on midnight in January?

What's next, a Snuggie for imaginary friends? Snuggies for the homeless?

How 'bout going ironic with Snuggies for sheep? But let's leave the dogs out of this, especially the little ones. They have enough self esteem issues as it is.

Bloodthirsty? Reach for a bottle o' Tru Blood

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image.jpgIt's hot out, you're thirsty -- how 'bout a nice cold bottle of blood?

The fictional beverage chugged by vampires in the HBO series "True Blood" is now very real and will be on sale in September. Tru Blood is a blood orange-flavored, carbonated drink, in a bottle that's been crafted to replicate the appearance of the vampiric sustenance found on the series - blood type, logo and all.

The Tru Blood drink was officially announced by Alan Ball, creator and executive producer of "True Blood," at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend, where fans were able to sample the beverage and take a bottle home.

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