What's it like to fall 128,000 feet? The view from Felix Baumgartner's cameras

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When adventure junkie Felix Baumgartner set records and captivated the world Sunday afternoon, it was an amazing sight as he stepped to the edge of his spacecraft and made the big leap.

But what about Felix's view? What was it like to rocket toward Earth in excess of 800 mph - the first person to break the sound barrier in freefall? Thankfully, we can now get a taste.

Redbull Stratos has released an edit of the video captured by cameras on Baumgartner's cutting edge suit. You can get a taste for what it's like to be at the edge of Earth and feel the chaos as he spins out of control early in the dive.

Still, it was no Disney World moment for Baumgartner, who added his thoughts and perspective as he tiptoed to the edge:

"Sometimes you have to be up really high to see how small you are. I'm going home now."

Kinda makes your Sunday adventure seem a bit tame by comparison, no?

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