Week in WTF!?

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By which we mean, of course, "Wow, that's fascinating!" Because during the last few days -- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday -- what tom-foolery has taken place out on the Interwebs. Here's a look at the things that have caused us to say, "Whee! That's funny!"

Tornado damage for elephants

An elephant in Joplin, Missouri helps clear debris from the tornado damaged town. The sight of an elephant in Missouri is strange enough, but seeing it pull a car from the rubble is just plain crazy. It's about time those lazy elephants lifted a finger to help out.

Synchronized canoeing

It's sexy, it's extreme, it's kind of mesmerizing. Move over rugby. Freestyle canoeing could be the next Olympic sport.

060311wtf.jpg Gang smiles

Gang signs are soo last year. Now everyone is throwing gang smiles. At least, that's what this high school seemed to think when they banned this girl's yearbook photo, comparing her goofy grin to gang symbols.

Molester Jester

At first I wasn't sure what was creepier: the clowns in this video, or the guy whose apartment the video was filmed in. But after seeing that he named one of the clowns "Molester Jester," I'm thinking it's probably the guy that people should be worried about.

The wonders of live television

You never know who might crash your interview. The best part is how no one seems to acknowledge that this old man is right on camera, making animal noises.

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