Week in WTF?!

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By which we mean, of course, "Wow, that's fascinating!" Because during the last few days -- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday -- what tom-foolery has taken place out on the Interwebs. Here's a look at the things that have caused us to say, "Whee! That's funny!"

Woman cries over In-N-Out Burger opening

To be fair, I was crying too -- from laughing too hard. Some people take their burgers seriously. Way too seriously. But really, they kind of are that good.

Soldier does 'The Carlton'

Nothing says 'America' quite like a soldier doing the dance made famous by actor Alfonso Ribeiro's character Carlton Banks in the 90's television show "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" while rockets whiz by in the background.

Nu kid on the church block raps about God

God is doin' it. Phew. God is doin' ah, let me catch my breath, nu thang. *wheeze* Dancing in hammer pants while rapping is harder than it looks.

Future adorable serial killer

The very reputable Dr. Phil says on his website that one of the top signs you could be raising a future serial killer is if your child enjoys tormenting small creatures. This girl's parents might want to look out.

Clap on, clap off

Switch on, switch off. Switch on, switch off. Gosh darn it, I want the switch on! Switch on, don't you dare! Arrggh switch off! Curse this box!

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