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Cold drinks. Who knew they were so complicated?

When you have to write a song and produce a music video to explain how to fill a cup with some ice and pop you might be over-thinking things a bit.

Black Swan

Whoever did Natalie Portman's dance moves in "Black Swan" doesn't have a thing on Lil Buck. Here the breakdancer collaborates with Yo-Yo Ma to "The Swan" by Camille Saint-Saƫns. Now if you haven't heard of either Yo-Yo or Lil before, I'd bet you'd have a hard time guessing which one was the breakdancer and which one was the award-winning cellist.

Sir, where are you trying to go!?

You seem to be going nowhere fast. I understand dancing and I guess rollerblading can serve a purpose but the two together? It's baffling! You aren't accomplishing anything!

What happens when you cross the Royal Wedding and "The Hangover"?

Apparently not much. Just tea. Lots of tea.

Real Madrid player drops trophy off bus

Wait, that's not Patrick Kane dropping the Stanley Cup off the bus in Chicago? Because I'm actually surprised that didn't happen. While taking their victory lap in the team bus, Madrid defender Sergio Ramos dropped the cup and the front wheels of the bus crushed it. Whoops.

Milk jug underwear

Amazingly, what I find most odd about this video is that one of the goats is wearing a pink headband. I think someone here has "mommy issues" and it's not that poor dog.

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