Week in WTF?!

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By which we mean, of course, "Wow, that's fascinating!" Because during the last few days -- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday -- what tom-foolery has taken place out on the Interwebs. Here's a look at the things that have caused us to say, "Whee! That's funny!"

WARNING: Giant people taking over city with booty dancing

Big Freedia kicks off the weekend with this bootylicious music video. Apparently The self-proclaimed "Queen Diva" is quite popular in New Orleans. Her MySpace page is a goldmine, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go

Just another day cleaning out the cobra pit. Ho hum. No biggie, just tossin' cobras around. Yea, this guy seems to think it's no big deal but just wait, those cobras are just slithering around, plotting their revenge.


What the what!? Now, I don't claim to watch much televised sporting events (obviously) but I'm pretty sure that's not normal.

Daddy's a bully

"Okay, but you're going to have to find another place to live" he tells his Yankee-loving son. Give the kid a break, at least he's not a White Sox fan. Zing!

The Rebecca Black Plague

Much like the plague, this song will just not go away. And yes, I realize I'm just perpetuating this viral virus.This time though we're rapping up the weekend with church on Sunday. Better pray this song goes away.

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