Week in WTF?!

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By which we mean, of course, "Wow, that's fascinating!" Because during the last few days -- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday -- what tom-foolery has taken place out on the Interwebs. Here's a look at the things that have caused us to say, "Whee! That's funny!"

Laughing at America

This kid may be crying and dying about America but at least he's giving the rest of us a good laugh! I do agree with him on one thing though -- there being no more great men left in this country. I think we may be talking about different things though, George Washington isn't really my type, I think it was the horse teeth.

Twin tots have a conversation

Either you've already seen this video or you've been living under a rock for the past few days. Either way, it's worth another viewing -- it's equal parts hilarious, adorable and fascinating.

I will only fly Air New Zealand from now on

They obviously take safety very seriously. The airliner just released this hilarious new safety video featuring none other than a slick-faced Richard Simmons. Looks like maybe the lack of oxygen from being 30,000 feet up in the air is starting to get to him. Better grab that oxygen mask and get fit to fly!

This song is gravy, er, I mean groovy

I hate how catchy this song is. Now I have all my coworkers wondering what a Gravy Rainbow is and why I can't stop singing about it.

Funny, most people wouldn't be caught dead at a soccer game

Looks like this guy didn't have much of a choice though. After being killed while playing a game of soccer, the coffin containing the body of superfan Christopher Jacome was carried into the stadium of the Cucuta Deportivo Colombian soccer team for one last game. Now that is dedication.

Those Razor Scooters are so hot right now

And by right now, I mean 5 years ago. But apparently this German pop group Handsome Sportz Klüb seem to think they're pretty cool. Ya, das good.

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