Man behind Twitter account @MayorEmanuel reveals himself

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(Photo by Daniel X. O'Neil)

The Rahm Emanuel impersonator who garnered more Twitter followers than the real Rahm Emanuel has come forth to The Atlantic.

After months of speculation, Dan Sinker, founder of now-defunct magazine Punk Planet, has revealed himself as the man behind the expletive-fueled Twitter account.

Sinker kept his identity a secret as he followed Rahm Emanuel throughout his campaign for mayor until eventually reaching his demise in a time vortex after election night.

When the real Rahm Emanuel was asked by Richard Roeper during the "Roe/Roeper Show" on WLS-AM about his evil doppelganger, he laughed and said, "After the election, I am offering a donation to the charity of that man/woman's choice, If they will come forward and identify himself. $2500 or $5,000 to the charity of that individual's choice if they will make public who they are."

Evil Rahm doppelganger countered with a tweet, "I swear to [expletive] god, I will donate $2500 to the charity of your choice if you can come and fix this [expletive] radio."

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