Week in WTF?!

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On Dasher and Donner...
This guy must be Blitzen. There's no other way to describe how this video came to be. If I see him up on my roof I'm calling the cops.

Wake up in the morning feeling like making an awkward church parody
Somehow I don't think this is Ke$ha's target audience. Tying a song about getting drunk to a church service doesn't make much sense to us, or cents, or event cent$.

Poor kid will never live this down
This little boy was a bit too excited to see his uncle at the airport and ends up knocking himself out. Good thing no one else saw it. Oh, what's that, it ran on the news and is now being globally circulated online? Good luck, kid.

Aw, old men impersonating young kids
This isn't creepy at all. Oh wait, it kind of is.

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