Video: Eric Stoltz as the original Marty McFly

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Great Scott! For five weeks of shooting in 1985, Eric Stoltz played Marty McFly in the blockbuster hit "Back to the Future" and for the first time, video has emerged of Stoltz in the role.

Director Robert Zemeckis replaced Stoltz with Michael J. Fox after watching the footage and deciding Stoltz' performance wasn't funny enough. Fox went on to give one of the signature performances of his career in one of the biggest movies of the decade. Although Stoltz was initially cast in the role, Fox was the first choice to play McFly, but he was committed to the show "Family Ties" and producer Gary Goldberg refused to give him time off to make the film. Funnily enough, it was the second time Goldberg nearly cost Fox a career-making role. When casting the part of Alex P. Keaton, Goldberg's first choice was Matthew Broderick. After Broderick turned the role down, the producer initially didn't want Fox to play the part, but later changed his mind.

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