Parasailing donkey in Russia creates public outcry

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The donkey is not the real ass in this story.

In what is being called an advertising campaign - the worst "Shrek" capmaign ever? - children ended up in tears as a shrieking donkey was forced to parasail over the beach at a Russian resort town. The stunt ended with the frightened animal eventually being dragged across the water before being pulled to safety, according to BBC reports.

"The donkey screamed and children cried," regional police spokeswoman Larisa Tuchkova said. "No-one had the brains to call police."

Witnesses near the beach on the Sea of Azov in the Krasnodar region said the donkey had been "screaming" in fear as it was pulled through the air in front of horrified spectators.

"It was put up so high into the sky that the children on the beach cried and asked their parents: 'Why did they tie a doggy to a parachute?'" one witness told a local paper.

Police are investigating and the businessmen responsible, unnamed in reports, may face criminal charges for animal cruelty.

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