EepyBird crew builds Coke Zero and Mentos-powered rocket car

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Mentos, the propulsion maker!

Ever find yourself sitting around with several dozen 2-liter bottles of Coke Zero and a couple pounds of Mentos (any flavor) and no idea what to do with them?

Well, if you're the EepyBird nerds, a kind of performance art/science/marketing wonderduo, you build an intricate piston-driven mechanism, powered by 648 Mentos candies and 108 bottles of Coke, add some goofy techno music and see how far you can make your vehicle go on fizz alone.

Turns out, it's 212 feet.

This is not the first brush with soda-and-Mentos-powered geyesers for these two, who have a viral video history making things explode - and shilling for Coke.

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