When Dutch commandos, Somali pirates and Modern Warfare meet

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Here's why the Internet is better than TV and almost as good as video games. This video, released by the Dutch military (who knew?) show's a team of commandos raiding a German cargo ship overtaken by Somali pirates.

Thanks to a helmet-mounted camera, we get to travel along the cramped ship as the soldiers go room-to-room clearing out the bad guys. And, of course, this must go on YouTube. But it's wasn't uploaded by the commando in a drunken moment of glory. It was place by the government!

Yay, Holland!

Our Dutch is a little rusty around here, but a rough translation of the narration:

"Soap" Mctavish is searching for a stolen cache of missiles and intelligence before the enemy jets come to sink the ship with his team aboard ... err ... wait, that actually is from the "Modern Warfare" game.

Anyway, no translation needed.

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