May The Force Push be with them - 'Star Wars' birth announcements come out of hyperspace

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Boy, if you've seen one "Star Wars"-themed video birth announcement, you've seen 'em all, right?

Wait, what? "Star Wars" birth announcements? When did this become a trend?

The exact date this idea sprung from a happy nerd couple's heads is a little murky, but the genre just took off like its ready to make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

Jennifer and Jeff Hays, you see, are about to become parents. A proud, "aging couple" craving danger and adventure and at the end of their breeding range. But, the Force must be strong with the Hays. With a baby clock alarm exploding like the Death Star, and two torpedoes in the, help us, baby hole later, the Hays are expecting twins.

Thankfully, not to be named Luke and Leia.

And how do we know this quiet couple is about to pop? Well, it's been beamed to the world, hologram-style, via YouTube.

Jennifer and Jeff have something they wanted to share with everyone...and because analogies make things easier and Jeff is an admitted Star Wars dork...we thought this might be appropriate...Thanks!

As a side benefit, it's clearly an exemplary educational video, too. This explains the whole procreation thing well enough for your little tykes the next time they ask where babies come from.

But, as well done as this is, it's hardly the first in this volley of nerdtastic one-upmanship baby-making broadcasts.

One of the earlier versions, seems to be this work by vidopantera. As a groundbreaking piece of due date film, it's an important work. But as with so many other trendsetting efforts through history, there was much to be perfected upon - the acting is as wooden as Queen Amidala's dialogue and the scene seems to have been shot from a Gungan sewer based on the lighting. But still, you have to start somewhere.

And then there was this rather wordy effort from cdalek that gives all lead-in type and no 'splosions. The dialogue killed George Lucas' moments of glory and it's no different for

Keeping it simple is good, but the people want special effects and action in this day and age. Mindful of the production must you be, parents.

Thanks to ToplessRobot for digging the new stuff up.

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