Tauntaun costumes, charred Aunt Beru and Tie Fighter head gear: a strong Force day

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One of the great things about the Internet is that like "Lost" conspiracy theories, it's never-ending and self-fulfilling. Case in point: charred Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen.

The photo above, submitted by a reader seeking clarification on whether it's a real action(?) figure set of Luke's post-Storm Trooper adoptive parents - It doesn't seem to be, based on this answer from Hasbro - only leads to more links and Star Wars nerdy goodness.

The fresh trauma of well-done Lars in our minds, a cheerful bit of fashion was quick to the rescue. Namely this bit of head gear sure to keep anyone but the wearer on their toes:


No real info on why or how - or whether the screaming Tie Fighter engine noise is available in any way, but it's still quite the look. Is it a costume? A lifestyle choice? A birthmark? Sadly, the Internets provide coolness, but often no context, especially at WTFcostumes where it and the next gem of a getup were found.

At least we assume it's a getup. One thing is for sure - this can't smell any better on the inside than one of the actual Hoth beasts. Whatever the case, it's certainly the best use of tautaun since the implausibly cool sleeping bag from ThinkGeek. It started out as a prank, but the demand was such that it's now a LucasFilm-sanctioned bit of memorabilia that's way too nice to waste on children.

Thank you, Internets, for providing once again on a quiet Tuesday.

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