Intelligentsia barista shows why a simple cup of espresso isn't so simple

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Espresso, Intelligentsia from Department of the 4th Dimension on Vimeo.

Ahh, coffee. It makes us go. A daily shot of energy - often several times daily - to keep the world as we know it spinning merrily away.

And when there's a real energy crisis, we can always turn to a nice, simple shot of espresso. Well, simple enough to drink, anyway.

But in this first in a promised series of videos from Intelligentsia breaking down various parts of the coffee making arts. Though this is not the Chicago Intelligentsia many of us know and love, but rather a Venice, Ca., location. Who knew?

Anyway, manager of Espresso Research and Development Kyle Glanville - the U.S. Barista Championship winner in 2008 - walks you through what is clearly a more involved process to get the perfect espresso shot than we may have realized by watching the pros in action.

The fairly pretentious series name, "Intelligentsia Coffee Short Film Series," aside, this is pretty cool and does get the mouth watering for a cup. But it's apparently not the first time the West Coast Intelligentsia folks have found their way onto the Web in video form.

All very interesting - but where's the Chicago Intelligentsia love?

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