I'm with Coco storms Chicago's NBC5 with Conan O'Brien protest Monday night

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UPDATE: Photos from the Monday rally of Con-heads.

mob_pitchforks.JPGThe Conan O'Brien fan revolution continues to be televised as the late-night hosting heavyweights and NBC spar publicly over network plans to rescue Jay Leno at the expense of his "Tonight Show" replacement.

But the villagers are sharpening pitchforks and lighting their torches in this mess, too, as Conan's fans prepare to march on various NBC affiliates nationwide to voice displeasure over the network's treatment of their favorite pasty redhead. The grassroots protest makes its way to Chicago Monday evening for a 4:30-9 p.m. event outside the NBC5 studios at Pioneer Court, thanks in large part to the 300,000-strong I'm with Coco Facebook page that has sprung up to capture and focus the angst of O'Brien's masses who love his off-the-wall brand of humor. Protesters carried signs, spray painted their hair orange and wore Conan masks in support of the pale, gangly 6-foot-4-inch host.

The group was created by Los Angeles illustrator Mike Mitchell (he made the Conan image up top) who characterizes the push as a protest against bad management by an everyman's fans. He tells the Trib that this is a chance for like-minded Conan-backers to make their collective voice hear, but acknowledges the long odds:

"NBC, I think, has already made their mind up. Maybe (the protest) is more of a thing to show that there's a lot of Conan fans."

Will the 485 voices outside NBC tonight mean anything in the long run? Probably not. But in a way the almost comical futility suits the ethos of O'Brien, a man who's comedic talent has frequently eluded mainstream explanation and popularity.

But like the slogan says on the page, "Cause we're with him, no matter what," so some long odds are hardly worth shutting down the movement - just war some orange and play nice if you plan to attend. Let the network execs stoop to the name calling and vitriol.

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Another blog in support of Conan. Keep spreading the resistance! http://www.datingsupportnetwork.com/?p=187

Uhm this show is nothing more than a means to promote movies and music from big media companies. His ratings are low, so they're canning him. Move on with your lives and spend your energies on something more worthwhile than a movie commercial with a few jokes thrown in.

Of course. Like you we'll move on with our lives and post inane comments on obscure blogs telling others what to do with their lives.
That's just makes so much more sense.

I've read enough about poor, poor Conan and it's been featured on the news repeatedly. This blog entry / "story" is even on the front page of the Suntimes. So no, this isn't obscure. It certainly should be and then nobody would comment about it. Enough already. Ferguson (sp?) is basically beating Conan's ratings. He needs to go for the good of local news.

Yeah. Exactly right. Who cares about the ginger wonder anyway?
You're wrong, dude. Late Night with Conan O'Brien taught me English. Conan made me laugh for hours straight, I was reading the subtitles (here in France) at first, after a while I realized I didn't need to read them, I understood everything (good thing too, they cancelled the subtitles after that). When he moved on to the Tonight Show, I kept on watching, and it kept on being funny. So this show is more than a celebrity pull to me. To the protesters, as well, I guess. Conan is a hero of mine, and when your hero is being wronged, you take to the streets, it's that simple. Not only that, but him moving to another network means I'll never be able to watch him again on TV, anyway. For the simple reason that here, his show airs on CNBC Europe... Boy, are they gonna lose their late night audience on that channel!
Anyway, go Coco. You're the man, string dance all the way.

Not to mention, the only part of the Tonight Show thats "a means to promote movies and music from big media companies" is the interviews, but things like the monologue and skits are the reasons most people tune in, and as far as "Moving on with our lives and spending our energies on something more worthwhile" The rally's are also raising money for The Red Cross to go to Haiti and help the people there, so why don't you back off and maybe next time no what your talking about when you post something.

Leno lovers enjoy prunes. Conan's, plums. The NBC executives are probably around the same age as Leno lovers, which is why they don't get Conan. NBC's ratings will continue to fall because Conan's target audience is younger... Leno's older. Conan just needed more time... 7 months isn't long enough to un-brainwash people who have been listening to Leno's horrible jokes for years and have conviced themselves that he is funnier.

TEAM COCO!!! best of luck to my fave ginger no matter what happens. Leno is shameless...how do you walk away from a show, RETIRE from a show...BY CHOICE and then snatch it back when your lil' project fails? again, NO SHAME. I'm so glad jimmy let him have it!

Conan's ratings are down because NBC's are down. They had no problem keeping Conan on the air, they HAD to cancel the Jay Leno show because his ratings were the worst NBC has been in the 10 o'clock hour in 20+ years (ER anyone)? The advertisers and affiliates were asking for Leno's head, not Conan's.

But if you actually look at the ratings, not just 12+ but the individual demos, Conan's ratings are UP compared to Jay's tonight show ratings in the demos that are most important to advertisers. So he has a million less people watching him? He has more people watching him in the advertiser's target demo than Jay did.

Bottom line is the Tonight Show was and would have been fine with Conan behind the desk for a long time, so long as NBC figured out what to do with the 10PM timeslot. If Jay was really a team player he would have just retired when they canceled his current show. That would have been the best thing for NBC.

From Conan to Avatar, what a stupid world we live in.....


Would euthanization be appropriate for this UNFUNNY "comic?"

In a world of much greater comncerns no one should weep for Conan or Leno. NBC made a business decision, and it's theirs to stand by. If you want to protest, at least get behind a good cause, like bringing our soldiers home or feeding the poor. I'm outraged that our country is more concerned with celebrity fodder and the jobs of two multi-millionaires.

Funny that must of these people must not have watched the show or the ratings wouldn't have been so low. Now they are protesting, get a life people!

Rather than going to this (where people can support Haiti), why not stay late at work so you can donate something to the effort. Take an extra shift, do something more. Make lunches at home and not eat out for a month.

Also, would people want to be photographed at this rally? Wasting an hour or more coming to protest a decision based on ratings and needs of affiliates.

NBC is killing itself. Reminds me of the useless bailouts. If you fail you reorganize and start over. Too bad Letterman is going jto come out on top just by default. Conan will be fine---straight forward honest people always come out on top.

Leno has been piling on the lies and hypocrisy!

Too many are buying into NBC's PR machine which has every intention
of rewriting history!

Don't be swayed, check out the following link to read of Leno's


NBC stands for "nothing but Crap"!

Why couldn't they just put Leno on at the 12:05 time slot. Why try to move Conan?

Video of Team Coco rally to support Conan O’Brien at 30 Rock, NYC. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4Fm5F15tAk

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