150 ferrets rescued in Mexico City robbery, high speed chase

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Police in Mexico City have rescued 150 ferrets from armed robbers after a high speed chase. Police say they found the furry contraband after the suspects crashed their car into a tree and then fled on foot.

With things like they are in Mexico these days, we can thankfully report none of the ferrets were beheaded. In fact, they were apparently not harmed at all.

Fourteen boxes of ferrets imported from the U.S. were taken by force by three robbers from a truck after it left the Mexico City airport. Two suspects are under arrest and another escaped.

Nex question: what does one do with 14 boxes of ferrets?

Police said Friday that a veterinarian who purchased the ferrets reclaimed them.

If there had been an unfortunate injury, it's not unprecedented, apparently, to do mouth-to-snout on a ferret, evidenced by this brave fireman's efforts - coincidentally also in Mexico City:

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