Miss Argentina Solange Magnano dies of buttocks surgery. Really.


solange.jpegLet's get this out off the way off the top: Yes, this is a sad story.

A beautiful young woman in the prime of her life and career has been robbed from the world - and her twin children. Former Miss Solange Magnano Argentina is dead at 38.

Due to complications from cosmetic buttocks surgery, also known as gluteoplasty. Specifically, the defining fluids being injected into Magnano made their way into her lungs and brain.

Let that sink in a minute. A person, already judged by widely accepted standards to be beautiful, has died because she wanted her ass to be more perfect. It's here that the concepts of tragedy and lunacy intersect. Some might even call it an asinine loss of life, but not here.

In the continuing quest to stay young, beautiful and mythically, unattainably perfect, Magnano has sacrificed her life to make sure her butt looks good.

Roberto Piazza, a friend of Magnano, tells press: "This woman who had everything is dead because she wanted to have a slightly firmer [body]." "She only underwent the procedure because she thought it was no big deal" added friend Guillermo Azar.

So far aufulplasticsurgery.com has yet to weigh in on the saga, but this would seem to be a poster child case.


when will we realize that beauty starts in the heart an not on the surface for to long the standard of beauty has been manuverd by the medier to the great harm of our great society we need to take controll of our health an not always be driven buy something that evidently dose not bring joy because this tragady should an no way bring joy to any one i weep for a world who's hope is so wrapped up an the unatainable idea of what beauty is who do not realize that life will always be more precious than an apperance or a standard driven but a greedy never to ge satisfied world for those an position who help to propetuiate the myth to limits

Please, no one say, when its your time its your time! This situation does not apply!

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