Eddie Vedder sued over 'Into the Wild' soundtrack song cover

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Eddie Vedder does a solid, covering the 20-year-old "Hard Sun" for Sean Penn's "Into the Wild" and he resurrects interest in a little-heard song by Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Peterson.

"I hope he liked [my version]," Vedder told Canada's Metro paper this year.

Apparently not. Peterson is suing the Pearl Jam frontman and Chicago native for copyright infringement. Not for stealing the song - Vedder and Penn clearly have credited Peterso for covering his obscure song. No, Peterson is apparently pissed that Vedder changed a few words and ruined the artistic intent of what has become the obscure musician's only hit from his only album.

So much for Canadian's being friendly. Or grateful, for that matter.

The New York Post reports that in the suit, filed in a Manhattan federal-court, Peterson alleges that "Vedder altered certain key lyrics of 'Hard Sun' . . . eroding the integrity of the composition." He also skewers Universal Music for licensing his tune without his approval for the 2007 movie. He doesn't specify damages, but demands all profits from the "acts of infringement."

Vedder's lawyer, Gregory Clarick, said: "We don't see any basis for a copyright infringement claim."

Here's the original, so you can judge the deed for yourself:

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1 Comment

"So much for Canadian's being friendly..."

Um, what is wrong with this sentence?

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