How to eat a chicken wing (not as useless as it sounds)

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OK, at first glance a video on "who to eat a chicken wing" would seem to rank up there with "how to walk in a straight line" or "how to sit in a chair" in terms of instructional usefulness and necessity. I mean, it's eating a chicken wing! Take a gulp of beer, insert wing into your sauce-stained maw, repeat.

We're not talking brain surgery here.

But OK, it's not quite as lame as you might think. The FoodWishes blog gives us a useful tip on how to eat the flat, double-boned wings that are a minor pain when you're trying to get the good stuff that's always tied up behind the bones. It may be more effort than your average wing fan would want to put forth for a problem than ranks up there in severity with the infomercial people who can't get a loaf of bread out of the wrapper without spraining a wrist. But it gets some points for cleverness.

Now, about that plate of wings ...

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