Carrie Prejean finds inappropriateness beneath Larry King's probing suspenders

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Noted in-your-face interviewer Larry King got Carrie Prejean's goat with his hard-hitting quest to find answers about the tarnished beauty queen's mediation and settlement with the Miss California USA pageant.

Oh, yeah. Except that this is Larry King, the soft-balling questioner tarnished celebrities book to feel like they're in a safe place. But even King's kid gloves were too much for Prejean, who's doing the gab circuit to flog her new book, causing her to toss her mic and clam up while a clearly befuddled King went to break.

The problem seemed to stem from King's repeated questions about the framework of Prejean's settlement. The ex-queen continued to brush aside questions as "inappropriate" and cited a confidentiality agreement. Oh, and of course there's that non-sextape sex tape floating around that TMZ has said was shot when Prejean was 17.

The video the lawyer showed Carrie is extremely graphic and has never been released publicly. We know that, because TMZ obtained the video months ago but decided not to post it because it was so racy. Let's just say, Carrie has a promising solo career.

We're told it took about 15 seconds for Carrie to jettison her demand and essentially walk away with nothing. As we first reported, the Pageant is paying around $100,000 to her lawyers and publicist - a fraction of her bills. She pockets nothing in the settlement.

So, clearly, there's a level of expertise in "inappropriate" behavior at work here.

The CNN dalliance Wednesday night continued down weird lane as Anderson Cooper picked up the topic later.

Cooper's reaction is kinda priceless, actually. Especially when he hears Prejean's describes King as "inappropriate."

Bizarre, indeed. Increasingly so.

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Carrie's ears are where good questions go to die...

Prejean is a F***ing idiot. Who gets offended by Larry King? All the guy does is ask pretty simple questions. What a pre-madonna diva c***.

This lady is just as embarassing for the republican party as Palin was last year. The GOP needs to get rid of these characters if they want to have a chance in the future. It's so obvious that she's trying to make money, that's all she's after, think about it...

It's sad for American when the christian conservatives pretend to be victims when people point out that everyone in this country have the same rights as them. It's always, "I have the right to speak my mind even if you're offended, but you can't say anything bad about me. Especially when it's true!"

I think that Carrie should leave the public eye, stay off Fox News and regroup. She has turned into a joke and needs to get her pride back.

this on going media hype of a person (carrie prejean) has had her 15 minutes of fame.She knew when she came out with her opinios about same sex people and marriage.She was going to be to hard questions which should be answered fully and truthfully.She is using a double standard of do i think not as i say.I am a independent REPUBOCRATIC.sAME SEX MARRIAGE I COULD GIVE A HOOT OR A GOOD GOSH DARN ABOUT.Health care and legalization of marjiuana now that is a different story.You Miss Carrie are nothing but a walking 2 faced contridicationof life.And I am ashamed to know you are an American.Thomas Payne would be ashamed and dissappointed in you.

I'm not for Carrie, but to have a gay dude call about marriage advice was sort of wacky. What else did you you expect?

Larry King is softball only when you're a liberal icon. Prejean is a strong woman, and, like Palin, it riles people because she doesn't fit the feminist stereotype.

She was sniped by a spiteful blogger who decided she was an easy target for his hatred. As others have pointed out, she did nothing but mimic President Obama's views on the subject. If there wasn't a choice as to how to answer, it shouldn't have been asked.

Lucky for CNN. They're in last place and could use some publicity.

EK, you are wrong. She does not mimic the President's views on the subject. Obama does not believe in making his view on this subject law and acknowledges that other people can disagree with him. Prejean does not. So enough with the "oh she's a strong woman" line. How strong do you have to be to think you're entitled to special treatment the way she does?

Let's stop the myth that she lost her crown for her views. She broke the rules of the contest and failed to live up to the obligations.

I saw the King interview and that women comes off nothing short aof whiny, two-bit, here today-gone tomorrow, wannabe. What a worthless piece of trash. She would not answer Larry's straightforward questions that were pertinent to the story. It was pathetic.

David, HELLO. She took the mike off before the question was asked. She was bailing at a question about her motive to settle, real tough stuff there. She ran because of the questions from LK, not the caller. The so called regular American's we get from the right are Joe the Plumber, Palin and this moron. If thats your version of real American's, you're living in a parralel universe.
EK, if you are going to start complaining about bloggers and use that as your basis for a rant on media bias, thats moronic. You dont even have to go to bloggers on the right. All you have to do is watch Beck or Hannity and listen to Limbaugh, Malkin, Coulter et all. The hatred and vitrol spewed by that group far exceeds anything from the left. And they lie, just google Hannity and crowd scene, or Fox news making Mark Foley a Democrat, multiple times. Oh yeah, and Hussain was responsible for 911. So much more, so little time, better things to do.....

I agree with her. Larry should have dropped it after the first time that she said that she can't talk about it. If she can't talk about it then don't press it!

Please spare all of us the tired, over generalizing of "conservative christians". True Christians know that "*ALL* have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23). If the source of your judgements are people you see sensationalized on television...then you have alot learning to do. I invite you to my small group Bible study in Bartlett, IL anytime you want to come and understand the true meaning of living a life honoring to God, but realizing that we are *ALL* flesh and susceptible to sinful acts. It's only by the blood of Jesus that we can be reconciled to God...and the hope is that Faith in that Truth will regenerate our minds and hearts to turn away form sin and embrace Christ by Faith.

Carrie does not "carry the torch" for Christians, but as a Christian, I will pray for her to return to Christ by way of asking for forgiveness, and turning her life around in a way that only the Lord can judge as worthy. That is what's called humility in lieu of judgement.


No you are wrong...she does mimic the President's views and she does not make it law the people do by voting on it and I guess the people have spoken because same sex marrage has been denied more than it has accepted. We know why she settled and so does Larry King, it was because of the video that was made of her when she was younger. A young person's mistake, dumb, we all do dumb things sometimes, but is it not blackmale to threaten to publicize that or settle. I do not agree with the whole publicity and book tour thing but when she was first asked her question in the contest, she answered honestly and with much compassion and the idiot Parez Hilton blasted her.

Not only is she hot she is only 22...

Very well said, Malcolm!

Larry King had an off night. Unsure what part of "confidential" he failed to understand in his several questions on the subject. It was embarrassing to listen to him.

"I think it was hiding a little disdain"--LMAO_PRICELESS!

Can you say crazy?

It's EXACTLY what King deserves for giving this lowlife broad any media attention whatsoever. Please just let this lame broad crawl back into whatever hole she popped her empty head out of. Enough!

Carrie Prejean's life seems to be a lot like a scene from the movie Airplane: (I don't remember it verbatim, but humor me) "We're flying out tomorrow. We'll be attacking the enemy with an aerial strike from the north and east. Casualties may be heavy"
"When are you leaving?"
"I can't tell you that. It's classified."

Simply put: If she can't handle being in the spotlight, then she shouldn't be in it...nevermind the fact that she shouldn't be in it anyway.

I agree with you EK. Carrie is a strong woman - as evidenced by the fact that I'm holding my nose at the moment (and typing with one hand) to prevent the stench of disgust from rotting my brain.

She has gone on national TV this week to plug her book and, when asked about her solo sex tape, she has responded that she was 17 when she made it and sent it to her boyfriend and is taking "full responsibility" for it. What does "full responsibility" mean? Has she apologized to the pageant officials whom she just sued for lying to them about posing posing nude? Has she turned herself into the police for manufacturing and distributing child pornography? Has she apologized to those people stupid enough to buy her book for being less than candid in her book (apparently, she left out the parts about the sex tape(s)?

She's only 22? I thought she was in her late twenties. Then she is just a child! what's the big hoopla fuss about? She's a belligerent child yes, but that's not exactly abnormal for a 22-year old. I could allow myself to get upset over her attitude, but if she's only 22 I mean come on people, it's not like she has a lifetime of wisdom and experience behind her. All this fuss over her gives her more credit than is due. Also the way she condescends everyone, I think something is mentally wrong with her. Nobody I know of, whether male or female, would do or say the things she does. Her attitude is suspiciously abnormal.

Thanks to my brains, I've laid the issue to rest for everyone. You're welcome, happy to help my neighbors to the South out.

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