Can you do a somersault on you bicycle? Hipster favorite Travis can

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The blog beingtotallysweetinchicago has unearthed one of those eccentric city occurrences that kind of defies categorization.

Is it kind of cool that two-wheeled Travis - no last name - is an impresario with a niche amongst the Wicker Park hipsters? His hand-crafted flip bike and head-over-heals ability a sure money-earner for the post-bars wearers of skinny jeans. Or is he just another kook, a bucket boy without a bucket that amounts to no more than a dangerous distraction when you're trying to cross the street under the burden of an inflated blood alcohol content?

Whatever the case, it's not a cycling move you see every day even in a city accustomed to marauders on bikes of various shapes and sizes. So while Travis gets an "A" for innovation, he'll likely still land on a many a list of reasons why cyclists, pedestrians and motorists are the oil and water of Chicago's streets.

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